When The Music’s Loud – Colette

On the one hand, its hard not to see the appeal of the club house genre. When one is at a club, or perhaps some big swinging party, it’s hard to not get involved in the music. The pulsing beats and driving electronic instruments simply make a perfect accompaniment to any event. With Colette’s latest album ‘When The Music’s Loud’, we can easily see a good understanding of the genre, making the album a fun accompaniment to the aforementioned events. However, on the other hand i find it hard to see the appeal of a genre that simply churns out incredibly similar artists every time. Its hard to truly stand out in this genre, and in the case of Colette, its just simply not possible.

As an album, there are just too many faults to make when the musics loud an interesting album. There’s nothing on the album that seems new or exciting. Everything just seems to do the bare minimum to get by, without there being any attempts to try something different. Colette herself might have some appeal to people, but its her music and song writing that really let her down as an artist. Its just too average, and if I date say, monotonous. Its simply boring to hear music that has been done again and again and again, with little being done to make it interesting or different in any way.

When the musics loud isn’t completely without merits though. It should be said that although it is incredibly average, it is at least not the worst album of its genre. The fact that it falls into the average does at least suggest that everything being done is at least working to some degree. A few of the songs on the album are at least enjoyable as well, with enough of the elements coming together to make the song interesting. It would be unfair to say Colette is the worst artist of the genre, as there are times in the album that easily suggest otherwise.

The simple fact of the matter is that the album is just too average for it to be anything truly interesting. Some might argue that being average isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in some ways, those people would be right. I just find that in this particular genre, being average means that there is nothing being offered at all. Its just a reproduction of everything that has been done before. To put it simply, ‘When The Music’s Loud’ is just a poor and disappointing album, that I imagine will only be popular amongst fans, as opposed to fans of the genre, who’ll find satisfaction in much better and prolific artists within the genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • When The Music’s Loud
  • Catch My Breath
  • Beautiful Tonight

Colette’s latest album ‘When The Music’s Loud’ is out now.

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