Big Heart – Ski Lodge

Within the indie rock genre, the bare minimum can actually yield some brilliant results. Unlike other genres, where the bare minimum just comes across as lazy and uninspired, within indie rock, the bare minimum can just sometimes work, providing the band in question have their own appeal. In the case of Ski Lodge, and their album ‘Big Heart’, there is enough appealing elements to make the band stand out within the genre. It should be mentioned that Skie Lodge don’t do the absolute bare minimum, but their music does have a rather average sound to it. For some bizarre reason, this just seems to work well for the band.

‘Big Heart’ features incredibly typical, and to some extent cliched elements. Yet, despite this, the whole album just resonates enjoyment and fun. Everything on the album has been done before, and yet there is something incredibly appealing about the album. It just works, though why, i honestly don’t know. Something about the slightly clumsy vocals, the twanging guitar lines and the pummeling bass riffs, just works, making the album a fun and enjoyable experience. It most likely comes down to the simple fact that the band has done nothing wrong, and nearly everything right.

Nearly everything. The album itself is let down by a few tracks which just don’t offer anything. The inclusion of these songs is simply pointless as they provide very little, and the truth is that the removal of these songs would have no impact on the overall album. It becomes clear in a few songs, that Ski Lodge are definitely capable of writing good songs. When the songs work, they really work and are incredibly enjoyable. When the songs don’t work, it becomes a bit of a drag, and to an extent, just boring,

Ski Lodge are an odd band. On the one hand, if they were to drop off the face of the earth, then no one would really misss them. On the other hand though, their album is one with many strengths, and is simply enjoyable and inoffensive. It is an album that most people would find elements that are enjoyable? Probably yes. Are Ski Lodge above average, and breaking the mould of indie rock music? Definitely not. Is their album good though? Most definitely. Fans of various bands such as We Were Promised Jetpacks, White Lies and Interpol will most likely find a lot to be enjoyed by Ski Lodge, who simply know how to write a good and effective indie rock album

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Boy
  • Big Heart
  • Does It Bring You Down
  • I Can’t Tell

Ski Lodge’s new album ‘Big Heart’ is out now.

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