Dalmak – Esmerine

It seems to be a busy year for the Canadian record label Constellation Records, who are turning out a wonderful amount of new material this year. The labels latest release is the new Esmerine album, who follow up on their previous record ‘La Lechuza’ with their latest album ‘Dalmak’. On ‘Dalmak’, we see Esmerine producing what is easily their finest record yet. Balancing a delicate instrumental rock style with what seems to sound like Turkish themes. The result is essentially a beautiful yet ethereal album that seems to transcend various genres. It’s somewhat hard to really categorize ‘Dalmak’ into something specific, but then again, does it truly need to be? What seems to matter here is that the music itself is simply beautiful and enjoyable, and easily appealing to those who enjoy music that is that little bit different.

On ‘Dalmak’, Esmerine have pushed themselves as a band to produced what could be their crowning achievement so far. Each of the songs help to present an incredibly emotive story, told mostly through the use of instrumentals. As with a fair few Esmerine albums, vocals are scarce, but not completely absent. In a few tracks, notably the albums closing song, where vocals are used almost as an instrument themselves. The result is music that is incredibly emotional, and easily better than their previous efforts. It seems the band has managed to progress forward incredibly well, to the point where their music is now stronger and better. Certain fans might find it a stretch to say its their best album, but it seems the album manages to tick all of the boxes.

There’s hardly any weak moments on the album. Each track contributes an enormous amount to the overall shape of the album, with there being nothing jarring or not needed. Some might find that the albums emotional level and general tone to perhaps be a little bit downbeat. There’s a somewhat depressing and sad tone running throughout, which some listeners might struggle with. It is however wrapped in a relaxing beauty that carries the album brilliantly. At times, its simply soothing, making the album incredibly appealing to those who are interested.

It seems Esmerine have topped themselves with ‘Dalmak’, and made themselves one of constellation records stand out bands on their roster. With everything contributing something to the album, there’s simply no weak moments. It is an album full of emotion and depth, where each and every track provides for the emotion in fine style. There’s even a lovely selection of various sounding songs, with some being beautiful and slow, and others that little bit more pacy. It is easily one of Esmerines best albums that easily surpasses their previous releases, and one that fits in wonderfully with the strong run of releases by Constellation Records.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★  5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lost River Blues II
  • Hayale Dalmak
  • Translator Clos II
  • Yavri Yavri

Esmerine’s latest album ‘Dalmak’ is out now, and can be purchased at: http://cstrecords.com/cst096/

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