AM – Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys have produced their follow up to the somewhat average, yet enjoyable, fourth album ‘Suck It And See’. On their latest album ‘AM’, Arctic Monkeys continue where ‘Suck It And See’ left off, presenting an album that continues the bands progression into maturity that arguably started with ‘Humbug’. ‘AM’ is in many ways a typical Arctic Monkeys, and a typical indie-rock album, where each track progresses further and further into the Arctic Monkeys indulgence of the genre. There’s many strengths to ‘AM’, which is an enjoyable album, and a definite improvement from their previous release. ‘AM’ manages to take many of the flaws present on ‘Suck It And See’, and rework them until they work, making ‘AM’ a fairly strong album.

‘AM’ is a typical Arctic Monkeys album, featuring the typical guitar lines and distinct vocals that have established Arctic Monkeys career since their debut release. Whilst Arctic Monkeys have displayed some maturity with their previous releases, it seems that on ‘AM’ there’s some element of returning to the bands roots in terms of the lyrical themes on a few of the songs. It is a technique that can so easily go wrong, as most bands just come across as pretentious when they try to do this. Arctic Monkeys though simply manage to produce music that incorporates their strengths from their beginnings, with their strengths from their current years. In a few ways, its fairly impressive, and it is certainly nice to see the band progressing the way they have done.

In some ways though, ‘AM’ does come across as a little odd. It is an improvement on ‘Suck It And See’, but apart from just being a better album than the last, what else does the album really offer? It doesn’t seem to present anything incredibly new or exciting from the band, who instead just seem to have reworked old flaws into strengths. This isn’t a negative point, but considering the band’s progression from their debut release, surely Arctic Monkeys would have something new and exciting to offer their fans by now? ‘AM’ is a strong album, but it doesn’t have anything that’s really new from the band,  making the album basically a ‘Suck It And See’ Part Two.

Despite its flaws though, ‘AM’ is a strong album that is in some ways a step in the right direction. Musically, the album is fun and enjoyable, and will probably satisfy the majority of fans. I find it a strength that Arctic Monkeys have at least not lost their strengths they’ve gained over the course of their career. On am, arctic monkeys simply haven’t gained any new strengths. In some ways, this is disappointing, but considering how the album manages to remain listenable and strong, it is forgivable. Each of the songs contribute to a strong and enjoyable album experience, that musically, and lyrically, doesn’t do much wrong. Perhaps the next stage of Arctic Monkeys is being saved for their sixth album, as they’ve now managed to present the strengths from the ‘Suck It And See’ era.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Do I Wanna Know?
  • No.1 Party Anthem
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When  You’re High?
  • I Wanna Be Yours

Arctic Monkey’s fifth studio album ‘AM’ is out now.

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