The 1975 – The 1975

Upcoming indie rock band The 1975 have released their debut record, which combines a great number of their many strengths, and packaged it all together into one big and fairly enjoyable indie rock experience. Incorporating indie rock with synth pop and to some extent, dub-step, The 1975 offer an interesting album that could be set to be one of the leading albums of 2013. There’s a wide range being offered by the band, who don’t seem to let themselves be assigned to one particular and rigid genre. The 1975 instead just incorporate a great number of elements and genres, combining it all into one big album package. At times, the bands many ideas work, though it seems this goes in hand with a number of ideas that just aren’t as well pulled off.

On their self titled record,The 1975 produce a record that manages to offer an incredibly enjoyable indie rock experience. The 1975’s use of a number of genres and styles has resulted in an album that all sounds very indie, but at the same time manages to keep you on your toes with its twists and turns. There’s a fair amount of experimentation on the album, which all seems to work well in the bands favour. Everything is fun and exciting, which is an incredibly appealing element. There’s a good element of pop0rock on the record, which makes it that bit more appealing. It should be said that the 1975 is even somewhat of a fairly accessible record, which anyone could easily find much to enjoy from.

The main flaw with ‘The 1975’ is that even though there’s many styles being incorporated by the band, the overall album feels too long. After a while, things seem to get a little stale, with less and less being offered by the band as the album progresses. The whole album feels one third too long, resulting in what feels like a good album with an incredibly long epilogue. The album could benefit from the trimming of a few songs, but considering the amount being offered by The 1975, it is hard to determine which tracks don’t fit on the album, and which ones do. Certainly tracks on the album’s second half don’t offer as much to the overall album experience, but each track does still offer something at the very least.

Overall, The 1975 have produced a stellar debut effort, that certainly demonstrates the many capabilities of the band. There’s simply an enormous amount being offered by the band, who manage to showcase the ‘indie-synth-pop-rock’ genre in a much better limelight than Bastille ever could. Its simply an enjoyable record, that has a range of light moments, to dark ones. It is arguable that the band might not be the best in their field, and this is certainly true. The 1975 though do manage to tick a great deal of the boxes when it comes to indie rock, and definitely place themselves as a band of importance of 2013. They’ve definitely managed to show Bastille how it should be done.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • The City
  • Chocolate
  • Girls
  • Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You

The 1975’s debut album ‘The 1975’ is out now. 

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