Where You Stand – Travis

Hailing from the Brit-pop era (despite being a Scottish band), Travis seemed to vanish from the limelight at what was potentially the heyday of the era. Returning after five years of inactivity, Travis pick up where they left off with their latest album release ‘Where You Stand’. Travis once again display their many strengths, producing an album of incredibly strong material. ‘Where You Stand’ is in some ways a rather typical Travis record, featuring the very distinct vocal style that helped make Travis such a strong band. Its refreshing to see a band that hailed from the very exciting Brit-pop era manage to produce a record that simply works for them, without them really trying to recreate the somewhat dated Brit-pop sound.

‘Where You Stand’ manages to sound much like any good alternative rock record should. There’s many strong songs on the album which all provide for a very enjoyable listening experience. Travis manage to present a sound that is quintessentially their own, whilst at the same time displaying a few years of experience and learning. Unlike many band’s later albums after their initial success, ‘Where You Stand’ doesn’t seem forced, and neither does it feel like Travis are attempting to make a huge comeback. Instead, it feels like Travis simply had the inspiration to produce another record, and therefore set themselves the goal of producing a record that they can be proud of. ‘Where You stand’ just has enough of the elements to simply work as a strong alternative rock record.

Travis certainly have managed to produce a good record, that even includes a few songs that could stand alongside some of their standout tracks. The overall album though feels somewhat flawed, where a few ideas, songs and elements don’t seem to work in the albums favour. It feels as though there’s a very reserved nature to the album, which never seems to really take off as with a few of Travis’s previous releases. It also feels that as the album progresses, it starts to become repetitive, as songs begin to sound similar to previous songs on the album. Considering the range of tracks that Travis have offered over the course of their career, it seems as though this shouldn’t really be something occurring on their records.

Overall though, Travis have produced what is a fine and enjoyable record. There’s a feeling that the band has really tried to produce a good record which they can be proud of. Fans of Travis might perhaps feel disappointed that the band hasn’t managed to fully recreate the sound that made them stand out years ago, but I for one am glad that Travis is just moving forward at their own pace. ‘Where You Stand’ is just another good record, by a great band who coincided with a huge musical movement. It seems to suggest that they’re one of the few bands who really managed to mature, following on from the phenomenal era, and instead just go on to create records that feature their very own strengths.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Moving
  • Where You Stand
  • A Different Room
  • The Big Screen

Travis’ latest album ‘Where You Stand’ is out now.

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One thought on “Where You Stand – Travis

  1. With all their talent, I was hoping “reserved” wouldn’t be a quality they would adopt. Thanks for the review. I’ll check out those selected songs.

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