Seasons Of Your Day – Mazzy Star

After 17 years since their last studio album release, Mazzy Star return to the music scene in fine form with the fourth album release titled ‘Seasons Of Your Day’. The band’s latest album follows much of the same vein that the band established in their early years, with their fourth album featuring beautiful acoustic numbers accompanied by Hope Sandavol’s distinct and dreamy vocals. It is a welcome return for Mazzy Star, who return to music as easily and effortlessly as though they had never really left in the first place. ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ simply follows on from everything Mazzy Star have established in their career, and whilst it may not much of a step up from their previous albums, it is still a welcome and gorgeous album experience.

‘Seasons Of Your Day’ doesn’t deviate all that much from Mazzy Star’s previous releases. The album features much of the same ideas and techniques used on the rest of Mazzy Star’s discography, though considering the sheer amount of talent and beauty Mazzy Star is able to put into their style, it simply ends up making ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ a wonderful album. There’s a dreaminess floating through every song, making the album flow incredibly well from track to track. There’s wonderful instrumentals as well, as Mazzy Star incorporate acoustic guitar, slide guitar and even harmonicas to present a well crafted album experience. Each song offers a tremendous amount to the overall album experience, where wonderful instrumentals accompany Sandavol’s phenomenal vocal style.

The only limitations of ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ is in how Mazzy Star haven’t really progresses as musicians in the 17 years of inactivity. ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ seems to continue in the same vein as each of the previous albums, without offering anything that is different or new. It’s arguable that ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ would have suited a much earlier release date, rather than being the result of waiting 17 years. Although Mazzy Star have produced a lovely album featuring some of their most gorgeous music, it feels as though after such a long time of inactivity, that they’d have something new and exciting to offer their fans.

Overall though, Mazzy Star have managed to produce a very strong album, that is arguably one of their best so far. Although it doesn’t offer anything that is completely new, it does manage to reaffirm why we all loved Mazzy Star in the first place. Everything the band does is simply so good, that there’s really very little that the band needs to do in terms of progression. Considering the amount of albums released by Mazzy Star so far, it’s forgivable that it continues where they left off. Certainly in the future though, they’ll need to offer something different in order to not become stale and boring. For now though, Mazzy Star just need to continue being themselves, and produce albums whenever they damn well please.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • In The Kingdom
  • Does Someone Have Your Baby Now
  • Common Burn
  • Flying Low

Mazzy Star’s fourth studio album ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ is set for release on 24th September 2013.

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