From Here To Now To You – Jack Johnson

Charming song-writer Jack Johnson has always produced music of a completely inoffensive nature, that is just enjoyable and fun to listen to. On his sixth album ‘From Here To Now To You’, Jack Johnson continues his merry sounding discography with his latest album of amusing little acoustic numbers. Johnson’s latest album pretty much continues in the same vein as everything else the artists has done, though considering the simple charm of everything the musician produces, it’s simply just another enjoyable album from another enjoyable musician. It should be said that ‘From Here To Now To You’ doesn’t do much in terms of progressing Johnson’s sound from his previous records, though there’s still a simple charm at the core of the album itself.

‘From Here To Now To You’ is very much a typical Jack Johnson record. The album features everything that is present on the artists’ previous records, which is all very charming and nice. Amusing little acoustic riffs run through the songs, accompanied by Johnson’s very soft vocals that present his songs in a lovely way. It’s simply a fun record that is sure to please fans of Johnson, as it’s pretty much what one would expect from this musician. There’s a few tracks on the album that seem to be incredibly strong, and perhaps as good as some of Johnson’s most well enjoyed tracks. Whether or not they’ll become as popular as his most well known songs is anybody’s guess, though the ones present on the album are easily as good, if not better.

The main problem I find with ‘From Here To Now To You’ is that there’s really not much else being offered by Jack Johnson. Although many of the tracks on the album are enjoyable and fun, they’re simply nothing more than just that. It is likely the album will please fans of Johnson, but the album doesn’t really do much in terms of showing the best of Johnson’s abilities. It feels like the musician could be offering us much more than what is present on ‘From Here To Now To You’, but all that Johnson really wants to present is just a rather basic album of fairly enjoyable tracks. Considering how little is really being offered by Johnson on this album, the whole effect makes the album progress at a rather sluggish pace, where few songs manage to really stand out.

Overall, ‘From Here To Now To You’ is a fairly enjoyable album by Johnson, but it’s simply to average to really stand out in any significant way. A few tracks on the album are very enjoyable, but the overall album has no impact to make it a great album. It’s a shame as Johnson is clearly a capable song-writer, but there’s just not enough to truly make his music stand out. ‘From Here To Now To You’ is by no means a terrible album, and it is definitely not the worst album that Johnson has released. It is sadly an album that just doesn’t do that much to impress, and whilst it is enjoyable in a number of respects, it’s simply a little to droll to really be all that interesting.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • I Got You
  • Tape Deck
  • Change
  • Home

Jack Johnson’s latest album ‘From Here To Now To You’ is out now. 

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