Ketevan – Katie Melua

On ‘Ketevan’, we see song-writer Katie Melua offering once again a very somber musical experience. Comprised of 11 tracks, Melua weaves together elements of folk with a pinch of jazz and pop. The whole album features a number of strengths that make the whole experience somewhat stronger than some of Melua’s previous releases. Melua’s vocals dominate the tracks in fine style, once again showing us what is so appealing about Katie Melua as a singer/song-writer. ‘Ketevan’ is perhaps one of Melua’s more stronger releases, though it does seem marred by a number of faults that Melua seems to always have had throughout her career.

On ‘Ketevan’, the album opens up to some phenomenal vocals by Melua, which lays the groundwork for the rest of the album. There’s some wonderful instrumentals throughout the whole album, which seems to be a little bit of a step up from some of Melua’s previous works. It feels as though the song-writer has really pushed herself to produce a very good album of material, and most of the efforts have paid off. Melua’s vocals sound incredibly strong on the record, which just soar around very strong instrumentals. There’s a wonderful craft to the album which comes across as one of Melua’s more stronger efforts.

It seems though that Melua is once again limited again by a number of negative traits that have dominated her career. As lovely as some of Melua’s tracks are, it seems she’s incredibly hit and miss when it comes to her lyrics. Some previous efforts by the musician have yielded some incredibly thoughtful and interesting lyrics, whilst others have come across as incredibly silly and to some extent cheesy. On ‘Ketevan’, Melua once again offers some poor lyrical writing in a few of the songs, which drags the whole overall effort down a few notches. Considering Melua has shown before that she is capable of writing some incredibly strong lyrics, it confuses me why she isn’t consistent when it comes to her overall albums.

‘Ketevan’ is an enjoyable Katie Melua album, that will most likely please the many fans she has attracted over the years. A number of negative attributes does bring the album down some places, but it is still perhaps one of Melua’s more stronger albums. A number of very enjoyable tracks manage to elevate the album’s status above the average bog-standard, though equally, negative attributes do prevent the album from being the best it could possibly be. ‘Ketevan’ does remain an enjoyable album though, with does feature some of Melua’s best vocal performances and some truly wonderful instrumentals. It is definitely one to please the fans, especially those who have been with her since her early career.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Never Felt Less Like Dancing
  • Where Does The Ocean Go?
  • Idiot School
  • I Will Be There

Katie Melua’s latest album ‘Ketevan’ is out now.

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