Mechanical Bull – Kings of Leon

After dominating the music scene with their 2008 release of ‘Only By The Night’, Kings of Leon established themselves as one of the most important indie-rock groups working in the genre. Following on from their somewhat average release of 2010’s ‘Come Around Sundown’, Kings of Leon offer their sixth studio album ‘Mechanical Bull’. On their latest album, we see Kings of Leon taking somewhat of a more reserved approach with a few of the songs, making ‘Mechanical Bull’ a very interesting, and to some degree, very enjoyable, Kings of Leon effort. ‘Mechanical Bull’ has the makings to be one of the better Kings of Leon’s releases, surpassing some of their previous releases in many ways.

It seems the main appealing elements of ‘Mechanical Bull’ stem from the band’s progression in terms of their song composition and skills as musicians. The band seem to have really pushed themselves to produce some really good tracks, with a few songs on ‘Mechanical Bull’ being nothing short of great. The whole album seems to progress incredibly well from track to track, with there being a wonderful flow from song to song. Everything the band has attempted seems to just work, with there being a number of incredibly strong elements. There’s also some great dynamics as the band feature both fast-paced and punchy songs, and more somber, slower tracks, giving the album a good range in terms of what is has to offer.

Where ‘Mechanical Bull’ seems to falter though is in the more reserved nature the band has used for the album itself. It seems a number of the songs present themselves as songs that build up, but then they never seem to reach the heights they’re aiming for. It seems in a number of the songs that Kings of Leon are holding back, and whilst this seems as though they’re not trying to repeat themselves in terms of what they have to offer, it only results in the songs sounding weaker than some of their best material. Some of the tracks feel seem to suggest that Kings of Leon could push it a little further, whilst still retaining some of that more reserved sound that they’ve been aiming for.

Overall though, ‘Mechanical Bull’ comes across as one of Kings of Leon’s better albums in their career so far. The whole album has a brilliant structure that seemed to be missing on many of Kings of Leon’s previous releases. It is perhaps a little bit likely that the album might not win over some of the more hardcore Kings of Leon fans, but the overall album presents itself in a very good light, with it being one of the most strongest Kings of Leon albums so far. There’s some brilliant techniques and ideas being used by the band that would easily be beneficial on some of their future releases. At the moment, the band has done well in managing to follow up on their well established fame, without trying to repeat themselves musically.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Don’t Matter
  • Beautiful War
  • Family Tree
  • On The Chin

Kings of Leon’s sixth studio album ‘Mechanical Bull’ is out now. 

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