Scraps EP – Tom McConnell

Combining blues music with folk elements, Tom McConnell offers his debut EP, featuring four phenomenal tracks. On ‘Scraps’, we see the first offering by this incredibly promising musician, who demonstrates a very interesting scope to his slant on various genres. The whole EP seems to be steeped in the blues genre, though McConnell seems to offer much more than just this bare genre, giving a very rich and enjoyable experience. ‘Scraps’ serves as the perfect introduction to McConnell’s music, where each of the four tracks all demonstrate something that is being offered by the musician. It’s a very enjoyable experience that certainly shows promise from McConnell.

Although ‘Scraps’ is a somewhat short EP experience, lasting just under twenty minutes, it manages to serve its purpose well of introducing us to McConnell’s music. Acoustic riffs are accompanied by various beats and other instrumentals that make up the very core of each track. It’s the vocals though by McConnell, where we see the talent come through. McConnell’s vocal style fits perfectely into the genre he’s chosen, sounding every bit as bluesy as the instrumental backing tracks. There’s also some wonderful techniques being used in the instrumentals, where complicated rhythms show some real talent. What’s nice as well is how McConnell chooses to close the album with a gentle acoustic track, showing that there’s no restriction to the style McConnell is using for his music. It’s a highly enjoyable EP, where the only weaknesses are in a few of the techniques used, where certain ideas don’t come across as well as McConnell might have hoped. In particular is in the album’s longest track ‘Flags’, where the song is punctuated by a deep and gravely vocal interlude. Although interesting, it does stand out in particular as it makes me wonder what purpose does it have on the track? There’s a lot of promise here, and although there’s a few kinks, the EP itself seems to suggest that it is something that can easily be ironed out.

Overall, ‘Scraps’ by Tom McConnell is perhaps one of the more perfect EPs to have come out in recent times. It manages to achieve everything an EP should do, and also leaves the listener simply wanting more to hear. Everything has been done well, wit McConnell not cutting corners in terms of production and song-writing. It’s a fine effort, and one that is both highly enjoyable and promising. Whether or not McConnell’s style will translate well into a full-album is anybody’s guess, though ‘Scraps’ seems to suggest that enough works in McConnell’s style to make sure that it would work. In any case, I certainly am awaiting a full-album release.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Dead Man’s Shoes
  • Show You How
  • Flags
  • Old Edinburgh Town

Tom McConnell’s debut EP release ‘Scraps’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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