Sorry EP – The Intermission Project

Offering a nice variety of genres, The Intermission Project offer their debut EP ‘Sorry’, featuring three very strong and enjoyable tracks. Although three tracks is more suiting for a single-release rather than an EP release, there’s still enough on ‘Sorry’ to make the whole experience very enjoyable. There’s a lot of strengths to The Intermission Project, whose members all work well together in presenting each song and all the strengths they possess. There’s some lovely appealing elements to The Intermission Project, who come across as an enjoyable and promising band, who have a good amount to offer.

On ‘Sorry’, the band utilize elements of various genres, ranging from the simplicity of singer/songwriter, to alternative rock and various others. Although ‘Sorry’ only features three tracks, it still manages to serve as a brilliant introduction to The Intermission Project, and what they have to offer. Each track on the EP contains wonderful elements that makes them all stand out in their own respective rights, ranging from the vocal style used, to the backing instrumentals. There’s a wonderful variety on the EP, which is incredibly surprising considering that there’s only three songs. It certainly paves the way in a promising way, suggesting that a full album release would be highly enjoyable. It’s odd, as each track seems to get stronger and stronger, offering more and more and showing us the real range and scope of The Intermission Project. The only drawback that can really be found in The Intermission Project is in their similarity to other artists, most notably Mumford & Sons, who the band sadly manage to sound very similar to. What’s lucky is that The Intermission Project manage to offer their own style and range that is different to Mumford & Sons, though at the core of it, the similarities still remain.

Overall though, The Intermission Project and their latest EP ‘Sorry’ is one of the most enjoyable listening experiences out there. Each track offers a wonderful amount, contributing well to the EP’s overall shape and sound. It’s incredibly promising and highly enjoyable, and certainly makes me want to keep an eye on their progress in the music world. Considering the range being offered on the EP, it certainly shows promise for what is hopefully going to come in the future. For now, The Intermission Project get to enjoy the fact that they’ve made a stellar EP, and one that shows a phenomenal amount of promise for this upcoming band

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sorry
  • Come Away With Me
  • I’ve Been Waiting

The Intermission Project’s debut EP ‘Sorry’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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