Days Are Gone – Haim

Hailing from California, indie-pop/indie-rock band Haim offer their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’. Weaving together infectious indie-pop melodies with gorgeous vocals, Haim show they have a lot to offer a genre which is slowly becoming more and more stale as the years progress. ‘Days Are Gone’ features hit after hit, using elements of synth-pop with simple indie-pop to present a very strong record. There’s a wonderful number of strengths to ‘Days Are Gone’ which comes across as an incredibly strong indie-pop record. What is most appealing is how Haim manage to present a style that is purely their own, and although there’s some rather typical elements on ‘Days Are Gone’, the whole album comes across as a very strong debut effort.

On ‘Days Are Gone’, Haim weave together a number of genre’s elements together, ranging from alternative rock, to indie-pop to synth-pop. The whole effort comes across as an effort to produce something the band can manage, but at the same time sounds like their own well-thought out effort. There’s a great number of enjoyable elements on ‘Days Are Gone’, which seems to flutter around a number of genres, never once falling into any true specific set. Most of what the band attempts seems to work, with their instrumentals really standing out as it manages to incorporate a number of instruments that seem to have been forgotten in recent years. It’s the vocals above all else though which really makes Haim great, as wonderful melodies form the crux of the songs, presenting Haim in an incredibly strong way.

‘Days Are Gone’ isn’t without it’s one or two weakness though. The main problem present on the album is when Haim seem to go down experimental routes which don’t really pay off. One or two ideas on the album certainly sound interesting, but it seems to disrupt the flow of the album, giving ‘Days Are Gone’ it’s weaknesses. It’s a shame as the majority of songs on ‘Days Are Gone’ are wonderfully appealing, but one or two seem to not live up to the rest of the album. What’s also disappointing is how Haim at one or two points seem to go down the easy route of song-composition, producing tracks which are incredibly similar to various other indie-pop-synth-rock or whatever acts out there.

Overall though, Haim have produced a wonderful debut effort which could be described as Fleetwood Mac meets Bastille. Haim have managed to make various genres really work for them, and have produced a great number of songs which are simply enjoyable and fun. There’s very few weak songs on the album, all of which manage to work well for the overall album, presenting it’s shape and character in a very strong light. The simple fact of the matter is that Haim certainly have proven that they have a lot to offer, and have also certainly put themselves a step above the average band within the genre. All they need to do is maintain it, and not lose what makes them so appealing.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Falling
  • Honey & I
  • Don’t Save Me
  • Go Slow

Haim’s debut album ‘Days Are Gone’ is out now.

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