Lost Canadians – Billy Ghost


After producing an offering of their talents earlier this year, with little indication of who or what the band was all about, Billy Ghost went into hiding, sadly removing the EP that served as an interesting if somewhat flawed introduction to their music. However, Billy Ghost has returned with a full length album ‘Lost Canadians’. Still falling into the lo-fi alternative rock genre, Billy Ghost broaden the scope of their musical style, showcasing an incredibly strong album tinged with lo-fi qualities and enjoyable tracks. Many of the flaws or problems that were on Billy Ghost’s self-titled debut EP seem to have all been ironed out, leaving what is essentially everything the group has to offer, which is thankfully an enjoyable amount.

On ‘Lost Canadians’, we see Billy Ghost once again indulging in the more lo-fi qualities of music, introducing us to a range of tracks featuring mellow guitar lines and hazy vocals. There’s an enjoyable range on the whole album, which seems to move from downbeat tracks to upbeat tracks, without ever upsetting the flow of the album. There’s a number of enjoyable tracks on the album, all of which present ‘Lost Canadians’ as a strong and enjoyable album. It whole album comes across as though Billy Ghost have put a lot of effort into it, in terms of the sound of each song, the lyrics and above all else, the presentation of each song on the album. There’seven  a few experimental ideas on the album as well, showing that Billy Ghost are also thinking outside of the box when it comes to their ideas in music. Most of it seems to pay off though, which presents ‘Lost Canadians’ as a strong album.

Of course, ‘Lost Canadians’ isn’t without its flaws though. The lo-fi genre is one that is very hit and miss, and even those that manage to produce great sounding music from the genre, still have an element of inaccessibility. It’s a problem most lo-fi bands have, and Billy Ghost is without exception. One thing that is interesting about ‘Lost Canadians’ is how a few of the songs offer brilliant instrumentals and vocal style, but then seem to end somewhat quickly, when some listeners might have been wanting more. In some ways, it’s a better alternative than doing the opposite, and having the tracks drag on for to long, though it is an element of disappointment present on the album.

Billy Ghost have managed to produce a very fine album, that manages to utilize a great number of strengths from the band itself, and from what the lo-fi alternative rock genre can offer to music. It’s a strong album, with very few weak moments and where each song has some form of enjoyable element. ‘Lost Canadians’ showcases Billy Ghost as having a great number of strengths, including their instrumentals which sound brilliant on the album in a few songs. There’s a lovely range on the album as well, where some tracks are incredibly fun and enjoyable, and others which are incredibly emotive and sad. It’s a fine album, and one that definitely shows off what the band is capable of. It’ll be great to see what they can come up with next.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Bright Yellow Walkman
  • Teenage Drugs
  • Look At All The Things
  • Fall Out, Baby Blue

Billy Ghost’s new album ‘Lost Canadians’ is not currently for sale, but can be streamed at: http://billyghost1.bandcamp.com/

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