We Need Medicine – The Fratellis

After their hiatus following the 2008 release of ‘Here We Stand’, The Fratellis return to the fray with their third studio album ‘We Need Medicine’. Once again diving head-first into roaring and raucous alternative rock music, The Fratellis remind us why all enjoyed their music in the first place, with ‘We Need Medicine’ being a fine return for the band. It seems what began on ‘Costello Music’, and was lost on ‘Here We Stand’ has now been found again, giving Fratellis that appealing element that is hard to place, but easily recognizable. There’s a great number of tracks on ‘We Need Medicine’ that are every bit as good as their debut album, which threw them into the forefront of rowdy raucous music.

When it comes to The Fratellis and their music, there’s something about the band’s music that is incredibly appealing, even though at the core of the music itself, it’s all somewhat basic to some extent. On ‘We Need Medicine’, we see The Fratellis offering the follow up to ‘Costello Music’ that we never really got. Everything the band does well is present on the album, right down to the rowdy lyrics, roaring instrumentals and general fun and upbeat presence that is on the album. It’s incredibly fun and bouncy, with a lot of the songs holding up to some of The Fratellis’ best anthems. It seems the band has made a brilliant come-back, managing to recapture the sound that we all loved, without producing an album of material that is simply a re-doing of their original work.

Where ‘We Need Medicine’ fails is in a few of the tracks not holding up their own to the album itself. As the album progresses, it seems to go from strength to strength, giving off hit after hit. However, as the album draws to a close, it seems to falter, with the tracks being rather weak. This is notable in the final two tracks, which just don’t measure up to the rest of the album in any way. There’s a few enjoyable elements on the tracks in question, but they just seem to disrupt the flow of the whole album, with their place on the album being somewhat questionable.

Overall, The Fratellis have managed to make a great comeback, with ‘We Need Medicine’ being a very enjoyable album. There’s a number of very enjoyable tracks, featuring fun instrumentals and fun vocals. It’s a great album that is simply rowdy at times, where everything gets loud and noisy, but still listenable. It definitely feels that ‘We Need Medicine’ is the follow-up album we should have received after ‘Costello Music’, as ‘Here We Stand’ was enjoyable, but very disappointing. All that’s left now is for The Fratellis to learn from their strengths and their mistakes, and not make the same mistake twice by producing another album that simply loses out on all the energy and fun that makes their music so appealing in the first place.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Halloween Blues
  • Seven Nights, Seven Days
  • This Is Not The End Of The World
  • We Need Medicine

The Fratellis’ third studio album ‘We Need Medicine’ is set for release on September 7th 2013.

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