Shameless Winter – Daisy Chapman

The latest album by musician Daisy Chapman features a wonderful selection of delicately balanced tracks, all floating around the wonderful style of Chapman’s vocal talents. ‘Shameless Winter’ features Chapman offering beautiful melodies on the piano, supported by varying instruments and her own vocal style. The whole album offers up an incredibly haunting yet gorgeous listening experience that shows us the wonderful capabilities of Chapman’s talents. There’s some wonderful tracks on the album which simultaneously manage to soothe and haunt and the same time. ‘Shameless Winter’ comes across as a very well thought-out album, though a few tracks sadly let it down.

‘Shameless Winter’ seems to indulge in the more fragile elements of musical composition, not offering joyous tunes, but instead more haunting and bittersweet ideas. There’s a beautiful element to some of the songs, and some are certainly upbeat and bouncy, but for the most part, ‘Shameless Winter’ is a rather dark album. There’s some lovely diversity on the album, as the album offers a range of various tunes, ranging from the slightly upbeat tracks, to the very dark and quieter ones, and even one or two instrumentals. For the most part, it is all incredibly enjoyable, as Chapman’s vocal style presents each track in an incredibly strong way. Most elements on the album seem to work, with most tracks offering something that is good or strong.

The main faults in ‘Shameless Winter’ are in that Chapman seems to extend songs for a little bit longer than they really need. The first few tracks on the album present everything in an incredibly strong way, but then it falters as it reaches the middle, where the tracks drag on slightly, and don’t seem to be as engaging as the rest of the album. It’s a shame as the album’s opening songs suggest more to come, but then the rest of the album doesn’t follow suit, and it weakens the whole album overall. The album pick up as it reaches its closing, but it’s a shame considering how strong some of Chapman’ songs are on the album.

Daisy Chapman’s latest album though is a gorgeous album at the end of the day. It’s Chapman herself that (rather obviously) makes the album, as she has an incredible amount to offer as a vocalist. ‘Shameless Winter’ features Chapman showing an incredible range in vocal styles, making the whole album interesting and rewarding. It’s a fine album, with one or two faults, but overall very strong and enjoyable. There’s an incredible amount of talent present on the album, which features more than what the album’s first impressions suggest. Certainly Chapman has a lot to offer, and it would be wonderful to see what she can do in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Shameless Winter
  • Better Me
  • The Gentleman In 13B
  • A Sinner Song

Daisy Chapman’s latest album ‘Shameless Winter’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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