You Ruin Everything – Pigs

Loud, angry and perhaps pissed-off are some of the words that can be used to describe music by metal/hardcore band Pigs. Indulging in the use of screaming and indiscernible vocals, and loud, punchy instrumentals that descend into madness, Pigs offer their 2012 album aptly titled ‘You Ruin Everything’ featuring a pure indulgence in metal, hardcore and punk music. Everything on ‘You Ruin Everything’ sounds like the results of years of everything going wrong, and something (whatever it is) being, the last straw, resulting in an album that expresses being angry. There’s something appealing about Pigs music, that is certainly accessible to those who enjoy angry loud music, though it does remain within a somewhat inaccessible genre that seems to produce similar material over and over again.

‘You Ruin Everything’ is simply a mad album of mad material. Each song seems to feature the age-old format of loud and fast-paced guitars, very deep twanging bass notes and pacy drums that accompany the screaming vocals of the lead singer who sounds as though he’s trying to break his voice in half. It’s a format that seems to work for most bands, and is somehow very popular. In the case of Pigs, there is an incredibly appealing element to the music, which somehow draws the listener in, surrounding them in misery and anger as each track progresses to the next. It’s incredibly visceral at times, and certainly enjoyable to some degree, but there is an element that Pigs aren’t doing as much as other bands within the genre.

Although ‘You Ruin Everything’ works on a number of levels, it is perhaps a little less creative than other bands working within the genre. The main problem on the album is how each track seems to follow the exact same format, with a few sounding incredibly similar to each other, differing in no way what so ever. Considering how expressive the album is, perhaps Pigs could be doing more with their music, as some tracks certainly do stand out amongst others, suggesting that there is some brilliant creative force behind the music. Sadly, most of the songs don’t differ much from each other, making ‘You Ruin Everything’ a fairly flawed album.

Pig’s latest album ‘You Ruin Everything’ is one that is certainly expressive, and incredibly emotional in an angry sense. There’s enjoyable elements on the album, with interesting instrumentals accompanying the screaming straining vocals. It’s sad then that the album doesn’t really offer much else, as it is in some ways a rehashing of various other bands who also work within the genre. It seems that Pigs is essentially a band that have fallen within the average strain of screaming metal-punk music, who certainly manage to express rage in a strong way, but don’t manage to make their album stand out within the genre all that much.

Album Rating;

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Whitewash
  • Massive Operator Error
  • Small C Celebrity
  • At Least It’s An Ethos

Pig’s latest album ‘You Ruin Everything’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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