Thea – Splitter

The latest album by Splitter weaves together elements of traditional ambient music with electronica and IDM genres. ‘Thea’ is a rather long, but highly enjoyable album, sounding somewhere between Radiohead & Aphex Twin. There’s a wonderful selection of tracks, which offer a diverse range of varying dynamics and instrumentals. Everything results in a very interesting music experience, where there’s a chance to dance and then slip into a dreamlike coma. There’s a lot of talent being displayed by Splitter, whose album comes across as one that is incredibly strong, and incredibly enjoyable to those who enjoy elements of ambient and electronica music.

‘Thea’ comes across as a very creative album, as it doesn’t seem to (like many albums in the electronica genre) be made up of repetitive tracks that repeat the same structure and sound. Splitter instead offers a more diverse range of sounds, showcasing instrumental dance tracks, and other more ambient tracks. It’s incredibly enjoyable as it seems to bounce of many genres, as different elements become the core genre of the various tracks. Splitter demonstrates not just a good understanding of genres and their capabilities, but also of song-composition. Many of the tracks on ‘Thea’ offer something towards the experience of the album, with there being few songs that don’t add up to the overall experience.

The only limitations on ‘Thea’ is in how Splitter seems to select one to many songs for the album, combined with the rather diverse range, it results in what feels like a compilation of tracks, each with something to offer, but some of which don’t offer enough. At times, things feel a little bit jumbled up and confusing, with perhaps one too many elements being used. In one sense, it showcases a wide range that Splitter uses for their music, but on the other hand it results in albums that feel a little bit like compilation albums, that compile a great many tracks into one overall album experience.

Despite the one or two faults in the album, ‘Thea’ still comes across as a strong and enjoyable album. There’s certainly a lot of capabilities present on the album, showcasing a great amount of talent. Those who enjoy the music of Radiohead might find one or two tracks to be very enjoyable on the album, as would those who enjoy Aphex Twin or even Faithless. There’s certainly a lot on offer by Splitter, where IDM tracks meet up with experimental ambient music in perfect balance. Even though there’s a lot on offer, the whole album still comes across as very strong, and highly enjoyable.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sleeping
  • The Belt Of Venus (ECET 6°)
  • Crystal Child
  • The First December

Splitter’s latest album ‘Thea’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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