Melophobia – Cage The Elephant

When Cage The Elephant first came into the music scene, it somewhat came across that the band was simply jumping up onto the bandwagon of alternative-rock music that was all the rage at the time. Whilst the band managed to produce some good raucous tracks, their albums came across as somewhat weak and to some extent, boring. However, the band managed to show progression with their subsequent releases, and this is no different on ‘Melophobia’, where Cage The Elephant manage to display some new-found maturity in their music. Whilst still retaining the loud, noisy an upbeat sound that they established, Cage The Elephant also display a better understanding of music that their first album certainly didn’t seem to suggest.

‘Melophobia’ manages to capture the essence of alternative-rock music, featuring a good mix of rowdy roaring rock music that is certainly expected of Cage The Elephant. However, the album also shows other sides to the band that is somewhat unexpected, and delightfully surprising. ‘Melophobia’ is simply an enjoyable album, featuring a good mix of tracks, and come great song-writing. In terms of the albums’ style, it is somewhat comparable to The Strokes, both in terms of sound and maturity. There’s a lot to be enjoyed on ‘Melophobia’, which features some of the band’s best material, as well as a lovely guest-appearance from The Kills and The Dead Weather vocalist Alison Mosshart, who joins the band on one track which is one of the album’s most enjoyable songs.

It seems that Cage The Elephant has managed to iron out so many of their flaws and negative attributes, which considering the sound of their earliest work, didn’t seem like something the band would ever have wanted to do. ‘Melophobia’ does have it’s own flaws though, but they’re not from the band making the same mistakes twice. Where ‘Melophobia’ fails is in how short the whole album feels. Just as you begin enjoying one track, it seems to suddenly end, and then by the time you’ve caught up with something new, the whole album is over. Considering how enjoyable ‘Melophobia’ is, it’s a shame that seems to end before it has even had a chance to really begin.

Overall though, ‘Melophobia’ has surprised me, showing that some bands out there do at least want to progress and not just jump on the bandwagons of popular trending music. Cage The Elephant have demonstrated not just a lot of maturity, but a great understanding of song-composition and album presentation, with ‘Melophobia’ being arguably the band’s best album to date. It’s just full of highly enjoyable elements, with everything sounding much stronger and better than on the band’s previous works. It certainly shows a new side to the band, and certainly makes me want to keep my eye on them in the future, to see what more they can do.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Come A Little Closer
  • It’s Just Forever (Feat. Alison Mosshart)
  • Black Widow
  • Hypocrite

Cage The Elephant’s third studio album ‘Melophobia’ is set for release on 8th October 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Melophobia – Cage The Elephant

  1. Jen

    I really like Come A little Closer too. Their whole album is streaming on Rolling Stone now.

    • Hello Jen.

      Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to inform you that if you’d like to request a review to be featured on The CD Critic, then please use the Contact form.

      Thanks for informing me though of these album releases though!

      The CD Critic

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