Let’s Be Strangers Again EP – Rene Lopez

Fun, bouncy and incredibly enjoyable are some of the words that can be used to describe ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’, the latest EP by Rene Lopez. Elements of rock, soul and salsa all come together in perfect style to present Lopez’ latest EP experience as one that communicates brilliantly with the part of people that makes you want to get up and dance. Brilliant instrumentals accompany Lopez’ vocal style, which comes across as a sincere and genuine. ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’ is from start to finish, a lovely and enjoyable EP experience that leaves you wanting much, much more from Rene Lopez once it finishes.

At times there’s swing and at other times there’s jazz, and sometimes there’s some soul on ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’, all of which combine to show a brilliant range in Rene Lopez’ music, and all of which makes more a wonderful EP experience. Something about the EP’s five tracks forces a smile on the face of everyone who listens, making it the perfect accompaniment to a classy night out. Musically the EP is brilliant, with each of the tracks featuring brilliant instrumentals that support Lopez’ vocal style in fine fashion. It’s hard not to like ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’, which simply sounds happy and fun. Where the EP finds fault is in one or two of the tracks featuring somewhat similar instrumental tracks, which is a shame considering the range that Lopez displays at times on this EP. It does bring down the overall EP a slight notch, but it doesn’t completely detract from the EP experience, which manages to display enough strengths to overshadow the negative attributes of the EP.

Overall, Rene Lopez has produced an incredibly fun EP experience that is sure to put a smile on the faces of people who love his style (which at times manages to defy classification). It’s certainly a good taster of Lopez’ style, and when the EP ends, it leaves you wanting more of the fun and enjoyable elements that made up the EP. Those unfamiliar with the artist might find ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’ to be a good introduction to him, as it showcases a lot of what Lopez is offering to the music scene. It might perhaps be a little unoriginal at times, but the highly fun and enjoyable elements of the EP overshadow any consideration of the thought.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Come Along Now
  • Don’t You Change Your Heart
  • Hey Papa
  • Let’s Be Strangers Again

Rene Lopez’ latest EP ‘Let’s Be Strangers Again’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://www.renelopez.com/

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