Weapons EP – Dear Criminals

Upcoming indie-folk outfit Dear Criminals offer their debut EP titled ‘Weapons’. Featuring elements of varying genres ranging from lo-fi, to acoustic to anti-folk, Dear Criminals display a charming and humorous approach to songwriting. Comprised of six tracks, Dear Criminals showcase their talent as an indie-folk trio, showing off everything they have to offer as a band. ‘Weapons’ is, to put it simply, an enjoyable EP experience, lasting just long enough to give us a great taste of the band, as just short enough to leave us wanting more from the band.

‘Weapons’ seems to flutter around varying genres as it progresses from track to track. Although the band seems to identify themselves as an acoustic-indie-folk outfit, their music seems to demonstrate elements of lo-fi music (with a few tracks featuring sparse instrumentals and quiet vocal tracks), and even elements of anti-folk, (where the lyrics follow unconventional subjects normally featured in folk music). It’s all incredibly interesting though, as the band manage to showcase a varying range of dynamics and styles on their EP, showing that they have more to offer than the average bog-standard band who works within the genre. ‘Weapons’ is simply an enjoyable and fun EP, where the instrumentals back up brilliant singing from the bands two vocalists. Where ‘Weapons’ faults is in the first few songs, where there’s perhaps one to many lo-fi elements being demonstrated by the band. The instrumentals of a few of the songs seem to be a little bit similar to each other, which when compared with the rest of the tracks on the EP, comes across as disappointing. It’s not enough to detract from the overall experience of the EP, but it is perhaps a point that the band should consider when it comes to their future records.

Overall, Dear Criminals have managed to present what comes across as a brilliant EP experience. ‘Weapons’ contains enough creative ideas and to some extent, some originality, that suggests there’ll be a lot more to come from the band. Perhaps Dear Criminals can be described as The XX meets Mumford & Sons, or some other folk band. There’s a lot on offer by Dear Criminals who show that they have something to offer the music scene which is interesting and enjoyable. It’s a little unconventional at times, but that’s what makes ‘Weapons’ the interesting and fun experience that it is. It certainly makes me want to see more from this trio.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Bad Black Days
  • Took It From Me
  • Acid Rain
  • Fuck The Stars

Dear Criminals debut EP ‘Weapons’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://dearcriminals.bandcamp.com/album/weapons (Limited to 50 physical copies)

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