Across Six Leap Years – Tindersticks

The latest album ‘Across Six Leap Years’ by indie-rock band Tindersticks sees the distinct band reworking a few of their old tracks and bundling them all together into one new album experience. Following on from many of their more mature records, we can see how Tindersticks has evolved and shifted as a band, with many of the reworkings on ‘Across Six Leap Years’ sounding much more mature than their original counterparts. As an album package, it is a good and strong offering by Tindersticks, who haven’t simply compiled a number of songs onto one album, but instead have hand-picked a careful selection of songs, and reworked them to the point where they all compliment each other in one full album release.

‘Across Six Leap Years’ seems to follow much of the formalities of some of Tindersticks’ more recent releases, from the 2012 release of ‘The Something Rain’ to 2008’s ‘The Hungry Saw’. From their earliest years, we can see how far along Tindersticks have come as a band, and much more so on ‘Across Six Leap Years’ where the band has now reworked some of their older tracks into incredibly delicate and somber versions. What works here is how Tindersticks have managed to present what seems like a compilation album in a way that doesn’t sound like a simple compilation album. ‘Across Six Leap Years’ is every bit as enjoyable and wonderful as some of the band’s most revered works in their career. Each song compliments the overall shape of the album itself, which is more than can be said about the bog-standard compilation album.

Where ‘Across Six Leap Years’ finds fault is in how it doesn’t offer much more than a down-beat somber experience. There’s almost a sluggish pace to the whole album, which gives off very deep, but for the most part, negative emotions. A few songs on ‘Across Six Leap Years’ seem to bring everything up into more upbeat elements, but the whole albums seems to be rather down-beat, which might not be so pleasing to most simple of Tindersticks’ fans. At times, it feels like Tindersticks should pick everything up a little more than what they do. Despite being more down-beat than perhaps ‘Falling Down A Mountain’, the whole album is still incredibly interesting and enjoyable, as it seems to exude delicate emotions on Tindersticks parts, emotions that weren’t so easily noticeable on the original recordings.

Whilst in some ways, it’s arguable that ‘Across Six Leap Years’ doesn’t offer anything that is truly new from Tindersticks, it still comes across as one of the bands’ more stronger albums, and one that sits comfortably within the bands’ most recent string of mature and strong records. The reworkings of the bands’ old songs comes across strongly, often presenting them in a much better light than the original versions. ‘Across Six Leap Years’ seems to come across as an album that is simply just there as a little memento to the long road Tindersticks have walked down to reach the point they are at now in their career. It seems Tindersticks have managed to embrace change, maturity and progression in a welcoming manner, incorporating it into their music in fine form.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Friday Night
  • She’s Gone
  • Say Goodbye To The City
  • I Know That Loving

Tindersticks’ latest album ‘Across Six Leap Years’ is set for release on 14th October 2013.

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