Business Casual EP – We Are Scientists

Presenting their latest EP of indie-rock tracks, We Are Scientists show a somewhat typical yet still enjoyable approach to song-writing and the indie-rock genre. On ‘Business Casual’, We Are Scientists present what we could assume is the predecessor for the band’s upcoming album to follow up on 2010’s album release of ‘Barbara’. On ‘Business Casual’, the band continue their rather typical style of indie-rock music, offering varying elements of dream-pop and alternative-rock into the whole mix. The whole EP comprised of five tracks is a fair offering by the band, featuring a few enjoyable songs, though it is brought down by some rather unoriginal ideas.

There is something being offered on ‘Business Casual’, which seems to follow the same formality of a lot of We Are Scientists records, whilst still showing the odd element of progression every so often. Each element on the five different tracks seems to work, with the instrumentals being somewhat strong, and the vocal style working well for the songs formats. Everything seems to be just enjoyable, but nothing ever seems to really take off. The whole EP suffers from a lack of vision, with it simply sounding like a short compilation of one or two new songs that sadly don’t seem to offer a great deal. Everything on ‘Business Casual’ seems to just sound a little bit too safe, with there being a lack of real true vision to create something interesting or exciting. We Are Scientists have shown before on their previous albums that they are at least capable of producing some good music that is very enjoyable, and whilst ‘Business Casual’ features enjoyable elements, it just never seems enough to make the whole effort that enjoyable.

Whilst ‘Business Casual’ might please some of We Are Scientists more loyal fans, it’s just not enough for it to really present the band in a strong light. The music isn’t terrible by any standard, but rather it’s just too average for it to really mean anything. Even on the final track, a cover of the somewhat famous ‘Take My Breath Away’, there’s nothing innovative or even interesting to bring out anything from the song itself. Everything just seems a little bit to simple and formulaic, with it being a somewhat enjoyable, but very flawed EP release. What we can only hope is that the band’s upcoming album doesn’t follow the same formula as ‘Business Casual’.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Dumb Luck
  • Good Answer

We Are Scientists’ new EP ‘Business Casual’ is set for release on 15th October 2013.

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