We Stole The Stars From The Black Night – Stone Diamonds

Offering up a more traditional approach to rock music, Stone Diamonds manage to prove that there are some bands out there who still got it, with their debut album ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’ being an incredibly strong and enjoyable album effort. Featuring a brilliant mix of guitar riffs, strong vocals and lyrics that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, Stone Diamonds present what slowly becomes a brilliant album effort. There’s a great number of enjoyable elements on ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’ which seems to showcase a style that is somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Chris Cornell.

On ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’, Stone Diamonds go from strength to strength, simply delving straight into the aesthetics of simple, enjoyable rock music. Each element that makes up enjoyable rock songs are present on the album, which seems to get better as it progresses across each end every track. The band manages to get a lot right, finding a balance between upbeat and hefty vocal styles, and cool instrumental moments featuring great guitar solos. To some, it might be a little cliched at times, but Stone Diamonds manage to just do everything right that it doesn’t even matter. Many of the elements present on ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’ seems to have just been done correctly, the way it should be done, in order to present the album as a strong and enjoyable one.

Where Stone Diamonds let themselves down is in the album’s opening tracks. It seems that ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’ actually has an incredibly poor start, which actually hurts the overall album somewhat. It feels like the albums’ opening songs are a little bit lackluster, and they don’t have the same intensity or drive as some of the later songs on the album, which is a little confusing considering how the opening should be one of the most energetic moments. It’s lucky for Stone Diamonds that they manage to showcase some serious talent in the album’s later songs, but it’s a shame that the opening simply isn’t as enjoyable.

Considering the great songs featured on the albums’ closing half, Stone Diamonds manage to present a very strong effort of rock music that manages to work (eventually). The brilliant guitar riffs and guitar solos manage to resonate sheer enjoyment, especially to those who enjoy music of this particular style. Although on the album, there’s a late start, Stone Diamonds do manage to showcase the exact kind of style that people have been hungering for. All the elements are present on ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’, some working much better than others, sure enough. It’s all there though, and hopefully Stone Diamonds will manage to channel their great strengths into every song on their second album. (If they write one).

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Tattoo
  • U Know
  • Traumatized
  • Long Hard 5 Days

Stone Diamonds’ debut album ‘We Stole The Stars From The Black Night’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://www.stone-diamond.com/musicstore/

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