Navigation – Microtonner

Featuring a nautical theme that spans the length of 9 tracks, Microtonner offer up their latest post-rock effort ‘Navigation’. Featuring what could be described as a more traditional approach to the post-rock genre, Microtonner manage to display a remarkable understanding of the capabilities of the genre, utilizing their own many strengths as performers to offer what comes across as an incredible post-rock experience. ‘Navigation’ seems to feature the very founding blocks of a strong post-rock albums, with incredibly strong instrumental performances presenting each of the tracks in an incredibly strong way. ‘Navigation’ has the makings of a great album, presenting Microtonner as a very strong post-rock outfit.

Microtonner manage to push a lot of strengths into ‘Navigation’, elevating the band well above the average standard who simply seem to do the bare minimum. There’s an element that Microtonner are really pushing themselves to present a good album on ‘Navigation’, There’s a running theme throughout the whole album, presented through the names of each of the tracks, which suggests that the band have put more thought into their song-compositions. Above all else though is the quality of the actual album itself. Each track features phenomenal and charged instrumentals which feature the very essence of enjoyable post-rock music. There’s a wonderful pumped up element to each song, where crashing and loud instrumentals dominate the majority of the songs.

Where we find fault in Microtonner is in the one or two tracks that seem to similar to each other, featuring either the same structure of instrumentals, or the same ideas of simply building up into big crashing crescendos. Whilst it seems to work well for the presentation of the album itself, it does add an element that one or two of the songs don’t work on a stand-alone basis. It seems that ‘Navigation’ might just be elevated that little bit more if it perhaps showcased one or two more creative ideas. On the whole though, the whole album is presented as a strong effort by Microtonner, with each song being at least enjoyable in terms of the overall album itself, but it seems the individual tracks might be lacking just a little bit.

Overall, Microtonner have managed to present a very strong post-rock album. ‘Navigation’ features the very elements that make up strong post-rock records, which is combined with the fact that Microtonner have utilized these elements to the best of their own strengths. There’s a lot of talent present on the record, as well as some very creative ideas in terms of the presentation of a whole album package. ‘Navigation’ is simply a strong post-rock album that is certainly well above the average standard of albums within this genre, which is pretty much down to the talents of Microtonner as a band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Departure
  • Dark Surface
  • Nowhere
  • Gone

Microtonner’s latest album ‘Navigation’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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