Ugly EP – Vienna Ditto

Genre-subverting duo Vienna Ditto offer up their three-track EP release titled ‘Ugly’. On ‘Ugly’, we see Vienna Ditto offering an ever changing soundscape of sounds and ideas that seem to subvert conventional genre-classification as takes varying elements, combining it all into one big sound that is ultimately their own. Across the three tracks we see everything Vienna Ditto have to offer the music scene, which is an incredibly creative force where creative ideas are plentiful. ‘Ugly’ is full of surprises, twists and turns that keep you on your toes as it navigates it’s somewhat short, but incredibly interesting musical journey.

Just as Vienna Ditto seem to suggest they’re going in one particular musical direction, they suddenly throw in another element or sound into the mix that seems to divert course, whilst at the same time flowing well with the previously established sound. Everything is kept incredibly interesting and enjoyable, as Vienna Ditto offer up fun tracks containing a variety of musical moments. There’s a varying range of electronica moments, combined with lo-fi, alternative rock and even a hint of dream-pop. All the wonderful instrumentals of the EP are all accompanied by charming vocals which really dominate the EP. Each of the three songs sound delightful and suggest great things to come from the band. It seems though that the EP itself is let down by the final two tracks, which whilst sporting some good creative ideas, just don’t seem to be as creative as the EP’s title track, which sports some very interesting ideas. The EP’s final two tracks seem to flutter around more lo-fi ideas, rather than experimental ones, and whilst it’s pulled off brilliantly, they do pale in comparison with the EP’s title track.

All things considered though, Vienna Ditto have managed to express some brilliant creative ideas, presenting their latest EP as one that is strong and very enjoyable. Each of the three tracks offer up an enjoyable musical experience, even if they all seem to tread varying ideas and genres. The whole overall experience of ‘Ugly’ is that Vienna Ditto aren’t one band to restrict themselves to specific genre’s rules, and instead just let their music speak for itself by being whatever it really wants to be. Vienna Ditto are certainly a creative act who have some good  ideas under their belt, and they deserve some recognition for that.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Ugly
  • By Way Of Apology
  • Stop

Vienna Ditto’s latest EP ‘Ugly’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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