Reflektor – Arcade Fire

The highly anticipated fourth-album by Arcade Fire features the band once again progressing as a band, reaffirming the reason why they are probably one of the most important bands of their genre. On ‘Reflektor’, Arcade Fire present (across 2 discs of music) a wonderful array of indie-rock anthems, featuring varying elements of other genres including dance. Arcade Fire seem to have a good thing going for them, where they can easily create albums that differ from their early releases in a few ways, demonstrating some experimental ideas, whilst at the same time still appearing accessible and enjoyable.

On ‘Reflektor’, Arcade Fire seem to have really pushed themselves to create something that they can really be proud of. The very core of the music seems to still fall within the alternative-rock/indie-rock banner, but the band seems to adopt new ideas and techniques to really broaden the sound of their music. A lot of the bands efforts come across brilliantly, presenting ‘Reflektor’ as one of their strongest albums in their repertoire. Each element of the album seems to just come across in an incredibly strong light, whether it’s the instrumentals of each songs, or the vocal performances, the lyrics by the band or even the whole presentation of the album itself. It seems most of the tracks on ‘Reflektor’ make great use of the bass to present a slightly dance-orientated style, making it impossible not to groove to some of the songs. Many of the creative elements on ‘Reflektor’ have been pulled of flawlessly, where each song really contributes to the whole overall album experience. Even the guest appearance by renowned musician David Bowie doesn’t manage to detract from the opening song’s strengths, but instead incorporate itself into the song to help lifts its own strengths.

‘Reflektor’ has the makings of one of Arcade Fires’ strongest records, and in many ways it is. What has to be considered though is that a few of Arcade Fires’ ideas don’t seem to come across as strongly as they might have hoped. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with long songs (and in fact, the album’s longest songs being some of Arcade Fires’ most strongest songs), it has to be noted that a long song has to be constantly offering something, and in a few on ‘Reflektor’, it seems to just pale slightly, not offering enough to truly justify its own length or even inclusion on the album. There’s an element that there’s one idea too many on ‘Reflektor’, slightly tarnishing the brilliance it exudes.

Whilst ‘Reflektor’ might polarize certain fans of Arcade Fire, the album still comes across as one of their strongest since perhaps their debut release. Each track offers something that is interesting and creative, with enough of the elements and techniques working well for the presentation of the album itself. it’s a fine album, and one that is both worth the wait, and deserving of its hype. It seems a lot of the creative ideas and efforts of some of Arcade Fires’ previous records that might not have worked have been pulled off brilliantly on ‘Reflektor’.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★ 5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Reflektor
  • We Exist
  • Normal Person
  • Afterlife

Arcade Fires’ fourth studio album ‘Reflektor’ is set for release on 28th October 2013.

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