There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay – Antonymes

Featuring music that is very steeply dipped in its ambient roots, whilst at the same time offering a few experimental ideas, Antonymes present his latest album effort ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’. On the album we see Antonymes offering up the very core of ambient music in varying degrees across the length of the album. Tracks range from piano-dominated tracks to ambient washes of noise that move in and out. The whole album experience comes across as a very strong effort featuring some brilliant ideas, as well as a great understanding of ambient music.

‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’ features many of the somewhat typical ambient styles, yet it all comes across as very effective and strong on Antonymes’ part. There’s a wonderful range of ambient styles being demonstrated on ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’, all of which comes together to present one strong album experience. There’s a wonderful presentation to the album as well, where each track contains a second part, though it’s all out of order at times. Varying elements keep the listener on their toes, whilst providing them with something that easily draws them in, keeping them involved in the ideas being presented by Antonymes. There’s a delicate beauty present in some of the songs, where the instrumentals just exude emotion after emotion.

Antonymes is clearly a very talented musician, who has not just a good understanding of composition, but also of how music should be presented. It seems though that ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’ feature certain elements that don’t seem to help the song at all in any way. In particular are incredibly irritating buzzing fuzzy noises that completely detract from the experience. Although it may have been the artists intentions to use these techniques in this way or whatever, its placement on the album doesn’t seem justified, and instead it seems to just come across as annoying rather than interesting.

‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’ is certainly a strong ambient album that has many merits, but at the same time the odd flaw or two. It’s arguable that the whole album experience is a little long, but when one just lets the music inhabit the background noise, it seems justified after a while. There’s a lovely range demonstrated on the album as well, showing some brilliant creativity on Antonymes’ part. There’s a large number of enjoyable tracks as well, with enough being present on the album to present it as a very worthy ambient record. It might have one or two elements that aren’t enjoyable, but at least there’s enough great elements to make the album worthy of recognition.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Means Of Escape [I]
  • Misshapen Beauty [I]
  • Misshapen Beauty [II]
  • Falling [I]

Antonymes’ upcoming album ‘There Can Be No Beauty Without Decay’ is set for release on 28th October 2013 and can be purchased at:

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