Untamed – Franklin Zoo

Danish hard-rock/grunge band Franklin Zoo enter the fray of sludgy and aggressive music with their debut full-length effort ‘Untamed’. Across the album’s length, Franklin Zoo indulge in aggressive guitar riffs that push their tracks along, presenting their angry and moody lyrics in fine form. There’s a fair amount to be enjoyed here, as Franklin Zoo offer up interesting music that works well within its genre, both musically and lyrically. ‘Untamed’ features a lot of the elements that are required to make up a good hard-rock album. Franklin Zoo certainly have a fair amount to offer, but it seems that ‘Untamed’ is let down slightly by a few negative traits that could easily have been removed.

On ‘Untamed’, Franklin Zoo delve deep into their aggressive style without comprising their own talents as musicians. Most of the tracks are built up around heavy guitar riffs that sound fuzzy and dark within the layers of instrumentals, all of which features very strong vocals at the very forefront of each track. At times, Franklin Zoo even go for harmony styled vocals, similar to the style utilized by System of a Down in a fair amount of their material. For the most part, it all sounds great from Franklin Zoo, who present a brilliant style of hard-rock/grunge music that is certain to garner them a good strong fan-base.

Franklin Zoo have got a lot right on  ‘Untamed’, but the album is brought down by one negative trait that really stands out on the album. The main problem that Franklin Zoo have gotten wrong is how a lot of their songs follow such similar structures and styles, that they don’t sound greatly varied when compared to each other. At times, it feels like Franklin Zoo simply ran out of ideas, and thus produced whatever it was they could think of at the time, resulting in an album that isn’t as varied or diverse as it should really be. Perhaps this is something we’ll see on future Franklin Zoo albums.

There might be a fair amount that isn’t quite right on ‘Untamed’, but there is also a fair amount that really works on the album as well, presenting it as a strong introduction to the band. There’s enough good tracks and strong elements to present the whole overall effort as one that can easily be enjoyed. The album is flawed in places, but each track does manage to both flow into each other resulting in a good structured album, and sound great as stand-alone songs. Franklin Zoo have a fair amount going for them, and it’d be interesting to see what directions they take themselves in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Overflown
  • My Dying Day
  • Known I’m Me
  • Wolfman

Franklin Zoo’s debut album is out now and can be purchased at: http://franklinzoo.tictail.com/product/franklin-zoo-album-untamed

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