Lightspeed Bus EP – Lightspeed Bus

The self-titled ‘Lightspeed Bus’ EP by Lightspeed Bus offers us four tracks to introduce us to the new upcoming band. Offering up a lo-fi music experience that features a little bit more than the average standard, Lightspeed Bus introduce us to their own style of charming and enjoyable music. Although at times everything is a little fuzzy and indiscernible, it’s all tinged with simple enjoyment, as though the band are enjoying performing their music. It’s charming, it’s lovely, and it’s a wonderful EP that showcases some simple, honest music.

On ‘Lightspeed Bus’, the band offer four tracks to showcase their musical style. There’s a fair amount that’s technically wrong with the music, but the bare bones of the songs offer enough to make ‘Lightspeed Bus’ a very enjoyable EP, and more importantly, one that is worth paying attention to. Everything sounds nice and enjoyable on ‘Lightspeed Bus’, which is all the EP really needs to do. What really helps elevate the music, although the sole success of the EP isn’t attributed to just this one element, is the inclusion of horns, which helps broaden the sound being offered by Lightspeed Bus. It combines nicely with the already enjoyable elements of guitars, drums and vocals performed by the bands’ two other members. It all comes together nicely on ‘Lightspeed Bus’, making it a very enjoyable and lovely experience. Where we see the faults in ‘Lightspeed Bus’ is in the recording, which seems to affect the sound being offered by the band. Everything is a little too muffled which seems to affect the enjoyment of the music ever so slightly. In some odd round-about way though, it also forms part of the charm of the music as well, giving it a sense of honesty, as though they’re not trying to polish everything to perfection, but rather push their own creative ideas out in any way they can.

‘Lightspeed Bus’ might not be the best EP to have come out ever, but it’s clearly not a record that is trying to achieve this status, but rather one that is simply representing the talents and the ideas of one band who clearly have a lot to offer. ‘Lightspeed Bus’ is simply enjoyable and lovely, and it really doesn’t need to be anything more than that. It’s an EP that offers up a slightly flawed, yet relaxing and dreamy listening experience. It certainly showcases some nice talents from the band as well, especially in terms of their song-writing and composition abilities.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Old Type Of Feeling
  • Silver
  • Needs

Lightspeed Bus’ new EP ‘Lightspeed Bus’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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