Homing Season – Claudio Cataldi

On his latest album ‘Homing Season’, singer and songwriter Claudio Cataldi demonstrates a different approach to the sometimes very basic formalities of singer-songwriter by presenting it in a different yet accessible style. With the music stemmed in folk roots, but branching out to psychedelic styles, Cataldi portrays conventional ideas in a somewhat unconventional way, making the music on ‘Homing Season’ interesting and enjoyable. There’s a comfortable amount of experimentation present on ‘Homing Season’ as well, showing that Cataldi is perhaps one of those performers whose really thinking about the end result of his recordings, and doing everything to make it interesting and enjoyable.

There’s a number of interesting elements at work on ‘Homing Season’, making it an album that is enjoyable and interesting to listen to. A lot of the tracks on the album seem to follow fairly conventional formats, though in many ways it sounds a little unconventional, giving the whole album a little bit of an experimental edge. Most of Cataldi’s ideas come forward in fine style, working well in presenting the album’s overall shape and character. The whole album even flows nicely, with each track complimenting the next as it progresses from song to song, giving the overall album a comfortable feeling (in terms of its flow of course). It seems Cataldi is one musician who clearly has a lot of ideas to present.

Where ‘Homing Season’ lets itself down is in how there doesn’t seem to be much variation in terms of the overall sound that the album presents. The formats of each track seem to vary somewhat but the bare sound on each song seems to follow similar conventions to each other, making the album not feel as vibrant as it could possibly be. Perhaps Cataldi’s intentions were to make an album where this is the case, as it is perhaps one of the attributing factors into why the album seems to flow so well. It just seems that considering the ideas being presented by Cataldi, that there is more he could be doing in terms of the musical sound on each song.

The overall effect of ‘Homing Season’ though is an album that is clearly enjoyable, though in a somewhat unconventional and inaccessible way. It isn’t inaccessible to the point of being impossible to listen to, but it is definitely not music that one might see in the top 40. This is perhaps part of the appeal of Cataldi’s music though. It feels raw and passionate, and this is why ‘Homing Season’ as an album really works. It’s music that is clearly very creative, which is why it is enjoyable to listen to. It might feel a little polarizing at times, but the overall effect of the album seems to work to make it an album that is clearly great.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Song Of Hate
  • Self Esteem
  • A Magic For You
  • Cal

Claudio Cataldi’s latest album ‘Homing Season’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://claudiocataldi.bandcamp.com/

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One thought on “Homing Season – Claudio Cataldi

  1. Very good songs!

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