A Day Without Distance – Anzio Green

Electronic duo Anzio Green offer their latest full-album effort titled ‘A Day Without Distance’, featuring lush electronic melodies that at times can relax and other times get you out of your seat. The overall album is one that suggests a lot of creative elements at play, and certainly a lot of creativity on Anzio Green’s part in terms of song-writing and structure. For the most part, the result is an album that is enjoyable, fun and interestingly paced. It seems to be an album with both conventional and unconventional methods, though not so unconventional to the point of being confusing and maddening. 

There’s a lot present on ‘A Day Without Distance’ that is simply enjoyable. Musically the band presents a fair amount, ranging from ambient electronic tracks that have a relaxing nature to them, to vocal-dominated pop-orientated electronic music that offers an interesting range in terms of musical styles on the album. What’s interesting is how Anzio Green manage to present a fair amount of styles and yet keep it all running smoothly, with no bumps or hiccups along the way. There’s even some nice experimentation by Anzio Green who attempt some rather unconventional ideas and manage to present them all in a way that is enjoyable. The whole album even seems to defy conventional genre classification from time to time. It is perhaps an electronic record, but there’s much more at play than just typical electronic ideas.

Where ‘A Day Without Distance’ goes a little wrong though is how there doesn’t seem to be much variety in terms of the actual sound being presented by Anzio Green. As songs progress from one to another, dynamics and styles chance somewhat, but the bare sound present on the record doesn’t deviate much from each song. Perhaps Anzio Green have attempted to deploy varying styles in a similar sounding way to each other, but it seems at fault on the record, with the result being an album that sounds like one continuing track that changes in dynamics from time to time.

The overall album may have its flaws here and there, but there’s enough present on ‘A Day Without Distance’ to make it an enjoyable record that seems to be a step away from more conventional artists (which works in the bands favour). The overall album easily works as a whole album experience, but there’s also an element of different tracks easily working on a standalone basis for different situations or moments. Anzio Green might have slipped up here and there on ‘A Day Without Distance’ but enough of the album works to showcase their talents and styles, and certainly show off what they can do with varying genres.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Morning Tea
  • Thunderstorm
  • Tall Grass
  • End Of An Error

Anzio Green’s latest album ‘A Day Without Distance’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://rednetic.bandcamp.com/album/a-day-without-distance

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