The Marshal Mathers LP 2 – Eminem

13 years after the 2000 release of ‘The Marshal Mathers LP’, renowned rapper and song-writer Eminem presents the album’s sequel, ‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’, picking up where the last album left off. On his new album, Eminem seems to not just return to the roots of his earlier records, but instead incorporate a lot of his new styles and experiences with his old styles to create a new record that is arguably the best of both worlds. Featuring an enjoyable balance of scathing lyrics that cut to the bone, to comedic lyrics that are simply amusing, Eminem reminds us of the sheer amount of talent he has when it comes to song-writing.

‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’ is easily a step in the right direction when compared to the disappointing 2010 release of ‘Recovery’, which did little to show any progression on Eminem’s part. Now though, we see a lot more progression from Eminem who manages to incorporate the strengths from his previous disappointing records, and combine them with what made Eminem great in the first place. ‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’ manages to come across as an incredibly strong record, featuring a wonderful array of tracks that demonstrate an interesting range of styles. Right at the forefront of the album’s strengths are Eminem’s lyrics though, which tell personal tales of family life, success and celebrity lifestyles. The whole album works well as a whole, with the album’s 80-minute length never feeling overbearing or too much.

It’s arguable though that at times, ‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’ is a little too cutting at times in terms of the types of people it attacks (much like many of Eminem’s previous records). Although it can come across as entertaining to come extent, it also comes across as a little lazy, as though we’ve heard this side of Eminem time and time again, and why do we really need to hear it again? Considering the album’s best tracks are the ones that are much more personal to Eminem, where he presents his own stories and events from his life, it seems that the album doesn’t need to be cluttered with somewhat cheap attempts at attacking various celebrity figures, as it doesn’t really do much for the album anyway.

Eminem might have done himself proud on ‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’ which might not be superior to its predecessor, but is at the very least a very worthy follow up. There’s a wonderful balanced element of new Eminem and old Eminem on the record as well, which comes together in a comfortable style, giving the record a lot of strengths.. It is perhaps one of the few rap albums of 2013 that manages to really contain some creative ideas, presenting Eminem as one of the more talented artists of his genre in these current years.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Bad Guy
  • Legacy
  • Stronger Than I Was
  • Evil Twin

Eminem’s latest album ‘The Marshal Mathers LP 2’ is out now. 

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