Where Are You Now? – Kentucky Nightmare

There’s something almost simple about the music by Kentucky Nightmare, which in some odd way gives it an appealing element that makes it all listenable and enjoyable. On their latest album ‘Where Are You Now?’ the band indulge in manic ska-styled alternative rock music that’s just a little bit silly, a little bit amateurish, but somehow incredibly enjoyable for the most part. There’s a nice amount being offered by the band who just go for it with absolutely everything they’ve got. There’s an element of ‘Where Are You Now?’ becoming a little bit stale as it progresses along it’s track-listing, but for the most part it’s simply an enjoyable and fun album.

The main appealing elements of Kentucky Nightmare are their almost simple structures in their music, featuring very thrashy elements that are all toned down to give room for everything to be heard. At times, the band slow everything down, giving the album a bit more diversity than other bands within their genre. There’s some nice instrumental moments in a few of the songs, showing that Kentucky Nightmare actually don’t do the bare minimum other bands do to present their music, and instead have a nice amount of talent when it comes to their song-writing. The main thing is just how fun everything is, and how much fun the band must have been having when they recorded the album.

Where Kentucky Nightmare seem to fall a little flat is in how similar their instrumentals sound in each song. All they ever seem to do to diversify their music is either slow it down or speed it up. The sound of each instrument in most songs doesn’t seem to change all that much at all, and it would be nice to hear Kentucky Nightmare doing a little more in terms of their sound, pushing themselves a lot more than what they are doing to produce a record that is really strong. All the pieces of a good record are present on ‘Where Are You Now?’, and all it seems to need is that little extra push to get it over the edge.

For the most part though, Kentucky Nightmare have produced a fun and enjoyable record that features a lot of promise. Even though there’s an incredibly amateur element to the music (which in itself isn’t really a bad thing), there’s still an element of pure fun coming out through the music. It’s arguable that things might get a little bit repetitive, but the overall record contains enough to make it a good record that is worth checking out. In the meantime though, Kentucky Nightmare can at least enjoy everything they’ve managed to get right, and will hopefully work on their kinks on their next record if they decide to make one.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sprung
  • Breaking Up Again
  • Rose Hill
  • I’m In Deep

Kentucky Nightmare’s latest album ‘Where Are You Now?’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://kentuckynightmare.bandcamp.com/releases

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2 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? – Kentucky Nightmare

  1. Hi! My name is Simon P Moore, and I’m actually the songwriter and front man for Kentucky Nightmare. I stumbled upon this review while narcissistically searching my band on Google. Thanks for the nice write-up! I gotta ask: How did you hear about us, and more importantly, this album? Anyway, I really appreciate the review! We’ve got a new album, In The House Facing South coming out next week. It’ll be up on our bandcamp site, but you may have to purchase it to hear it, depending on if I can convince my band mates to let people stream it for free. But I’ll probably just let it stream for free three or four times before you have to buy it. Anyway, give it a listen, if you’d like. I think you’ll find the production much, much better, and hopefully you like the songs, too!

    Thanks again!

    • Hello Simon, thanks for the kind comment. Back around the time I wrote this review, I spent a lot of time on bandcamp, finding new music to review in my free-time. I think you can chalk it up to dumb luck that I found both your band and your album! Thanks for the info about your new album. At the moment I’m taking a very long break from CD Critic, but I am still writing for Echoes&Dust. If you’re interested in having your new album reviewed, feel free to submit it there and I’ll give it a write up. Thanks and all the best!

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