Morgan – Mayland

On ‘Morgan’, post-rock/shoe-gaze outfit Mayland go full-force with their branch of post-rock music, featuring fuzzy guitar chords and lead guitar lines to really push the music along at is slightly intense yet enjoyable pace. At times, Mayland go down a more shoe-gaze route of music, giving their music a little edge on their latest album effort. There’s many enjoyable elements on ‘Morgan’ which in some ways, isn’t a prime example of truly phenomenal instrumental rock music, but at the same time is inoffensive and enjoyable in its own rights.

There’s a lot of elements that work nicely on ‘Morgan’, making it an album/EP effort that is worth checking out. The tracks are mainly dominated by incredibly fuzzy guitar chords that crash through the backing instrumentals and really push it along, before being accompanied by the customary lead guitar that often makes up instrumental rock music. For the most part, it’s all very enjoyable, with there being a constant intense feeling that really keeps everything interesting and drawn in. What doesn’t work on ‘Morgan’ is how Mayland don’t seem to have enough ideas in terms of having a diverse range of songs. Most tracks seem to follow a formulaic route of Mayland’s fuzzy guitar chords, which after a while can become a little boring as there’s nothing else on show here. At times, there’s some nice suggestions that there’s some really great creative ideas by Mayland, but it doesn’t seem to have been translated into all of their songs.

It seems though that there’s enough ideas and talent from Mayland to make them a post-rock band that are worthy of listening to. Their most appealing element seems to be their technique of employing more shoe-gazing elements into their music, which for the most part works very well on ‘Morgan’, and at least sets it apart as being different from most post-rock albums. It just seems at times  that Mayland need to really attempt to diversify their sounds to really make their music great. There’s enough on ‘Morgan’ to make it an album/EP that is worth checking out, though we can only hope that it’s not the only trick Mayland have up their sleeve.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Enchilada
  • Dreamland
  • The Nineteen Nineties
  • Jane Lane

Mayland’s new EP ‘Morgan’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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