Happyness EP – Happyness

After the release of a self-produced debut EP, lo-fi band Happyness move on to their latest self-titled EP release ‘Happyness’. Featuring four new charming and delightful songs, and boasting a mix from Ed Harcourt, Happyness offer a wonderful taster into their delightful style of lush lo-fi indie music. Across the four tracks, the band offer a nice range of styles and techniques, all of which is stemmed in accessible lo-fi music, though with some elements of experimentation. Everything seems to come across well, with the overall EP sounding enjoyable, with no weak moments that drag the music down.

The main strengths of Happyness come from their almost simple-sounding approach to everything. At not one point does Happyness ever seem to over-do anything, never once adding in unnecessary details that add nothing to the music. It’s the simple technique of less-is-more, with more of the natural-talents of Happyness coming through in their music. Everything results in music that is easily accessible and enjoyable, with there being no insisting elements or anything thrust upon the listener. It just flows in a comfortable and enjoyable way, as music should do. Each track as well offers a nice amount from Happyness, with there being a few different styles or ideas being demonstrated by the band. It results in an EP where each of the four tracks are all equally enjoyable for different reasons. Any faults in Happyness could be the odd technique here and there in the music that seems to just not work well for the song in general. At certain times, ‘Happyness EP’ seems to feature moments that don’t make a great deal of sense in terms of the overall EP experience, and at times it sounds a little bit jumbled or muddled up.

Happyness have managed though to produce a very enjoyable EP experience. Although there’s the odd moment or two in a few of the track that don’t add up, it’s never enough to detract from the experience that the EP offers, resulting in what is simply a very nice EP, featuring a lovely and enjoyable style from a delightful and charming band. It seems evidential that there’s a fair amount of scope being offered by Happyness, who have it in them to produce a really great sounding album, featuring a wonderful and diverse range of styles and motifs. Let’s hope all the strengths of ‘Happyness EP’ can translate into their future work for years to come.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • It’s On You
  • Orange Luz
  • Lascascadas
  • Montreal Rock Band Somewhere

Happyness’ latest EP ‘Happyness’ is set for release 6th January 2014 and can be ordered at: http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/78591

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