Ordinary EP – Young Peculiar

The bouncy electric style of the youthful group Young Peculiar offer up their latest EP release ‘Ordinary’, following on from their self-titled release. The new EP features the same charged indie-pop style that the band have utilized to their own advantage, and results in an EP experience that is simply fun and enjoyable. Each track contributes towards the overall EP experience which all combines to create a simple yet enjoyable experience that is full of youth and enjoyment. There might be an element that Young Peculiar aren’t exactly pushing much out in terms of their style, but they have managed to create a very enjoyable experience that is sure to both please old and new fans.

There’s a number of enjoyable elements that Young Peculiar feature in their music to help give it the strengths that it presents. There’s certainly a good amount of talent coming through in the songs, presenting Young Peculiar as a young band who have a good idea of what it is they want to achieve. There’s an element of smartness in the music itself, with the presentation of the instrumentals and lyrics coming out in fine style, giving the whole EP a good character and shape. It’s enough to propel Young Peculiar forward a few notches, at the very least putting them a little bit above the average ordinary band within the indie-pop genre. What doesn’t work on ‘Ordinary’ is how the music itself seems to follow the same formulaic conventions and structures as many bands prior to Young Peculiar.  There’s little being offered here that is incredibly new or interesting, with doesn’t really do much for Young Peculiar. It feels that the band should be pushing themselves much more to produce an album of material that is really true to themselves, rather than just letting the conventional techniques of their genre speak for their music. As a band, they certainly seem capable of doing so, considering how much that does work on ‘Ordinary’.

It might not be anything truly special, but there is at the very least a very enjoyable style on ‘Ordinary’ which gives it its appealing elements. Young Peculiar come across as a band that knows how to have fun and enjoy themselves, whether through creating pop-tracks or more somber tracks. There’s a good amount of talent present on ‘Ordinary’, giving Young Peculiar that little bit of edge that works in their favor amongst the genre they’ve utilized for their music. We can only hope that Young Peculiar really push themselves in their future releases.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Who Are You
  • More Curious Than Certain
  • Eyes For You

Young Peculiar’s latest EP ‘Ordinary’  is out now.

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