What If EP – Jessica Clemmons

The latest release by song-writer Jessica Clemmons titled ‘What If’ offers up an incredibly personal musical experience that touches upon some very close themes for the song-writer herself. The latest release features five new tracks, all surrounding similar themes of love and relationships (to varying different degrees). The overall experience of the EP itself isn’t one that is designed to wallow in the melancholy nature of the themes (as many song-writers do), but instead present it in a way that is enjoyable to most. The result of ‘What If’ is an EP that is easily accessible, and incredibly enjoyable in both lyrical and musical terms.

There’s a high number of strengths on ‘What If’, making it a great EP experience, and one that seems to stand out in Jessica Clemmons’ already enjoyable discography. The EP’s themes and nature gives it a great flow, presented brilliantly by the alternative-country style that Clemmons’ uses for her music. At the forefront of the music though is (rightly so) Clemmons’ own voice, which sings the themes of the songs with such sincerity and conviction. It’s an EP release where everything combines together to create a highly enjoyable experience where there is little that’s truly wrong. If any errors are to be found on ‘What If’, it would be in how the presentation of the five individual songs all follow very similar constructs, offering very little variety as the EP progresses. Considering how much works on the EP, it’s a shame that it doesn’t go that little extra mile to make it a brilliant experience that offers an incredible amount. The EP certainly manages to draw up interest in Jessica Clemmons, but it is questionable whether each and every technique present on ‘What If’ would work in a full-album experience.

There’s enough present on ‘What If’ to simply make it a very enjoyable EP experience. There’s a good number of talents Clemmons’ possesses which comes through in her music in such fine form. The overall EP experience comes across as such a sincere and genuine effort to present something personal. It’s an idea that so easily goes wrong or comes across as fake by so many artists, but Clemmons herself hits the mark in brilliant style. ‘What If’ certainly drums up interest in Clemmons, and certainly makes us question what will she come out with next.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Love Like That
  • She Ain’t Me
  • What If
  • Single Tonight

Jessica Clemmons’ latest EP ‘What If’ is set for release in 2014. 

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