Vertebra – Australasia

Part post-rock, part shoe-gaze and perhaps part-ambient, the latest album by Australasia offers an enjoyable and diverse post-rock experience that certainly offers that little bit more than the average post-rock experience. Australasia present an album that isn’t limited by its initial genre, but instead allows numerous techniques, genres and ideas to all come into play to present a more interesting and diverse album experience. Everything comes together in fine fashion to offer up what is essentially an enjoyable album experience, where post-rock aesthetics combine with various other techniques (not normally seen in post-rock music) in fine style.

There’s a number of nice techniques and ideas present on ‘Vertebra’, all of which makes it an interesting and capable album. Although somewhat short in length, ‘Vertebra’ demonstrates a good number of creative ideas, and manages to push itself above the average standard set by so many current and up-coming post-rock bands. The main appeal of the album is in how it doesn’t necessarily fall directly into any one category, but instead takes little bits here and there from many different genres to weave together its own stylistic sound. For the most part, a number of the creative elements and ideas on the album come across in a very strong fashion, making ‘Vertebra’ a highly enjoyable album.

Although Australasia have attempted a good number of creative ideas on ‘Vertebra’, it’s a shame that not every one comes across well on the album. At times, one or two techniques present in a few of the songs just seem to lessen the impact of the songs themselves, and come across as a bit pointless and unnecessary. It’s a shame as there’s a good number of ideas on ‘Vertebra’ which in contrast do work, and form some of the most appealing elements of the album itself. Perhaps there’s some merit to these ideas though, as the method is easy enough to understand. All it needs is some refining to help it work nicely with the album’s style.

Although one or two moments on ‘Vertebra’ don’t seem to do much at all, there’s still enough present on the album to help present it as a very strong and enjoyable album experience. It certainly relishes in the strengths of the post-rock genre, though it isn’t limited by it’s rules in any way. It’s certainly a strong album that presents the many strengths of Australasia as a post-rock outfit. Certainly we can expect some great ideas from Australasia in the future, if and when they get around to releasing a follow-up to ‘Vertebra’.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Aorta
  • Zero
  • Volume
  • Cinema

Australasia’s latest album ‘Vertebra’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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