Tomorrow’s Calm – Talquin

The debut album by ambient/post-rock band Talquin titled ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ offers up an incredibly delicate album of what comes across as very carefully composed music. Elements of ambient music combine with elements of post-rock to create a very somber yet highly enjoyable album experience that tugs at the heartstrings. ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ is by no means a conventional ambient record, nor is it a conventional post-rock album. Everything is very delicate and downplayed, giving the whole album effort and incredibly emotional motif that runs throughout the album.

There’s a lot that is enjoyable on ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’, though not in a typical sense of what one might enjoy in music. Much of ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ features strong use of the piano and ambient sounds, backed up by guitars and violins usually. If any similarities to other artists can be made, then the most obvious choice would be Jimmy LaValles’ project The Album Leaf, whose music features similar delicate moments of instrumental music. Talquin seem to have made their music ultimately their own though, where the whole album flows in wonderful style, going from emotion to emotion as the album progresses. It is an incredibly strong debut release that certainly showcases a large number of talents from Talquin, who definitely have a lot to offer in terms of music.

If any criticism is to be found in Talquin’s music, it would be in the sad fact that one or two tracks on ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ don’t seem to vary all that much from each other. A few tracks seem to feature similar instrumental styles and similar motifs that on an album like ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’, can come across as a little bit dull. Although there’s something highly enjoyable about the downplayed and somber element of the whole album, it does mean that ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ does progress at a rather slow pace, which sometimes gives off an element of the album being that little bit sluggish.

Although ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ is rather slow and downbeat, it does remain a highly enjoyable album experience that manages to trump a few of The Album Leaf’s efforts. Each track on the album offers up something that is enjoyable to the listener, which is highly rewarding to those who enjoy more quieter and subtle music. ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ features a wonderful balance of ambient aesthetics and post-rock aesthetics, which are both combined together in a very fitting and worthwhile way. There’s certainly a lot coming from Talquin, who easily have a good style going for them in their own branch of ambient/post-rock music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Vacancy
  • Variations
  • Halls
  • Waking

Talquins’ debut album ‘Tomorrow’s Calm’ is set for release on 14th January 2014 and can be pre-ordered at:

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