Demo / EP – Human Colonies

The first EP/Demo by shoe-gazing band Human Colonies offers up just about everything one would want and love from a shoe-gazing band. The bands’ first release titled ‘Demo / EP’ features four tracks that is a complete indulgence in the fuzzy guitars and grooving bass-lines that makes up the genre. The varying tracks on the EP each offer up something different within the genre, giving the whole album effort a brilliant and diverse feel, showing that Human Colonies are capable of just that little bit more than most other bands within the genre. Although the shoe-gazing genre can be rather inaccessible at times, there’s still a highly appealing element to Human Colonies branch of music, who delve straight into the genre with amazing confidence and conviction.

Across the four tracks on ‘Demo / EP’ there is essentially everything that one expects from the shoe-gazing genre. Fuzzy guitar lines dominate the tracks, accompanied by incredibly distant vocals that are incredibly hard to decipher. It’s the oddly appealing element of the shoe-gazing genre, and Human Colonies do it so brilliantly, making ‘Demo / EP’ a spectacular debut effort. Each of the four tracks delve into different areas and ideas of the genre, each offering something different and exciting. It’s the perfect taster and introduction to Human Colonies and their style, as it features enough to showcase everything they’re capable of, whilst not sounding jumbled up and confused. The album opens up by going straight into the heart of everything, with no introduction or warning, before progressing across the very diverse and wonderfully interesting sounding tracks. There are very little negative traits on the album, with the only noticeable problem being in the recording of the album, which sounds a little amateur. However, in some peculiar way, this adds an incredible amount to the music itself and gives it a wonderfully appealing element.

Human Colonies have a great thing going for them, and they certainly have a good number of creative ideas when it comes to the shoe-gazing genre. It’d be brilliant to see what they’d sound like with a little bit more production to their music, and hear everything sound polished and perfected. For now though, we can enjoy an absolutely stellar debut effort that manages to tick so many of the boxes in the genre. All one can really ask from Human Colonies is more of this brilliantly sounding shoe-gazing music. It’d certainly be great to see what they will do next.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sunshine Jesus
  • Falling Deeper
  • Cross
  • Hey You

Human Colonies debut EP ‘Demo / EP’ is out now and can be purchased at: 

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