The Aberdeen EP – The Perms

Alternative rock-band The Perms offer their latest EP effort titled ‘The Aberdeen EP’. Comprised of four tracks lasting 2-3 minutes in length, the EP serves as a good and interesting taster into the style of music being offered by The Perms. Across the four tracks, The Perms completely go for it, offering up a somewhat typical, yet still enjoyable branch of alternative rock music. Although on the onset, it might appear there’s not a great deal going on here in terms of The Perms creating something new and exciting, there seems to be something beneath the surface of the music, suggesting that The Perms are a fairly talented band, perfectly capable of writing brilliantly accessible and enjoyable tracks.

Across the four tracks on ‘The Aberdeen EP’ The Perms go for a branch of easily accessible music that just about anybody could get into. Everything is incredibly upbeat and anthemic, with the music itself just being enjoyable and fun. The music itself is comprised of a simple blend of guitars, bass and drums and somewhat typical indie-rock-styled vocals, and although it’s all been done before, The Perms pull it off brilliantly, offering up that little bit more than the average band within the genre. The four tracks all seem to offer something enjoyable and fun, making ‘The Aberdeen EP’ a great introduction to the band. It does seem though that the EP is weighed down that little bit by what could be described as a lack of imagination. There’s nothing technically wrong with the four tracks on the EP, but it should be said that they don’t exactly offer all that much to their genre. Everything is fun, but it’s also rather basic. At times, there’s a few moments of brilliance which makes the songs incredibly appealing, but it doesn’t seem to happen enough in the various songs. Moments like guitar solos and infectious riffs create wonderful moments in the songs, but they seem to sadly disappear almost as soon as they begin. 

Even though The Perms may not have exactly pushed the envelope on their chosen genre, they have still managed to just tick all the boxes on what sounds right in this genre. ‘The Aberdeen EP’ is just fun and enjoyable, and there’s nothing that is technically wrong with any of the songs. The Perms seem to have a good style going for them, and they’re evidently capable of writing brilliant songs within the genre. Perhaps in the future, The Perms will polish off the edges of their music, and create something that is really brilliant. For now, at least we can enjoy ‘The Aberdeen EP’, which serves as a wonderful introduction to The Perms and their music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • It’s Mania
  • Aberdeen
  • The Parent Thing

The Perms’ latest EP ‘The Aberdeen EP’ is out now and can be purchased at: 

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