The Heart Of The Sky – Listening Mirror

By popular demand, Listening Mirror offer a re-release of the brilliant ‘The Heart Of The Sky’, updating the previously cassette-only release into ta handsome CD package, featuring the original track listing as well as three new remixes. The whole album flows through brilliantly, offering a wonderful ambient music experience. Across the four tracks, Listening Mirror feature wonderful instrumentation that offers the typical ambient experience, whilst also pulling out of the genre new ideas and techniques, giving the whole album effort a wonderful and unique layer.

‘The Heart Of The Sky’ contains many of the elements one would come to expect from the ambient genre. Ambient drones take hold of the music and guide it around at a glacier pace, giving everything a wonderfully soothing edge. It is an easy album to simply get lost in, to just lean back and soak in the music and everything it offers up. Listening Mirror also add in much more to the music, giving it more texture and elegance than simple ambient drones. Little motifs and moments come into the mix, giving everything a brilliant richness that really draws more out of the music itself, making it a accomplished album effort.

Where we find fault in ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ is in the inclusion of the three remixes at the end of the album. Although the remixes do no harm and don’t really affect the overall album in any drastic way, it does sport the question of what do they really offer to the album? The remixes in themselves don’t seem to deviate much from the original track mixes, making it feel like repeats of earlier songs. The tracks in themselves are certainly lovely ambient compositions that are enjoyable, though their placement on the album seems a little off considering of how little they offer.

Overall though, ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ comes across as a highly enjoyable album, that features many of the elements (and more) of what one would like from ambient music. ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ offers that little bit more though than traditional ambient albums, and it works very well for Listening Mirror, who showcase different ideas when it comes to the genre. The whole effort is one that is gorgeously minimal at the most parts, easily allowing one to just get lost in the waves of music that each track offers up. And although they may not add much, the three remix tracks are certainly at the very least, a nice little bonus for the whole album.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Midnight At Teques, Storm Approaching
  • The Words Just Won’t Come
  • Ah Pukuh Is Here
  • Mixtli Sleeps

Listening Mirror’s re-release of ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ is out now and can be purchased on CD and digital formats at: 

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