Ghosts EP – Venona

The latest EP by rock outfit Venona titled ‘Ghosts’ featured 3 racy, punchy and raucous rock tracks. Across the three available tracks, Venona go full force with their vein of alternative rock music. There’s certainly a fun element on the album, which demonstrates some fun and somewhat creative ideas. It’s music that is certainly popular and enjoyable to some extents, but for the most part it feels like Venona haven’t really done all that much that is truly interesting.

Much of ‘Ghosts’ is made up around noisy guitar riffs, with the vocals being full blast in front of everything else. It’s hard to not make comparisons to bands like Paramore. ‘Ghosts’ is made up of fun elements, with everything being in full force. Venona certainly do know how to write very exciting and punchy music, which is demonstrated well on ‘Ghosts’. To some extent it’s all rather exciting and fun, though it does seem that Venona haven’t actually done all that much in their music. ‘Ghosts’ just feels like a rather uninspired attempt to recreate the exact same style and genre of music that many bands have produced before.  The three track demonstrate good song-writing to some extents, but it doesn’t display any real spark or magic that makes the music ultimately their own.

‘Ghosts EP’ is essentially a rather disappointing EP effort. There’s nothing much on the album that is truly interesting or inspired. It doesn’t even give off any impression that Venona have it in themselves to create something that is ultimately their own. Perhaps they are capable of it, and we can only hope so, but for now all we know for sure is that Venona know exactly how to recreate musical genres, and not inject any of themselves into the mix. Perhaps Venona will show off their own sides in their music one day, but they definitely haven’t done so on ‘Ghosts’.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Rooms

Venona’s latest EP ‘Ghosts’ is out now.

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