Red Fire Dark EP – Snoqualmie Falls

Dark Red Fire cover art

Following on from the Listening Mirror project, and the gorgeous ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ project, musician Jeff Stonehouse teams up again with Alicia Merz (who contributes vocals on ‘The Heart Of The Sky’) to create a wonderful new ambient project. The partnership has yielded the moniker of Snoqualmie Falls, with their first release being the ‘Red Fire Dark’ EP. The new EP features new creative ideas from the talented duo, who offer a gorgeous two-track EP that showcases the bands’ wonderful ambient style. Across the two tracks, Snoqualmie Falls offer a brooding yet wonderful ambient experience.

On ‘Red Fire Dark’, we can see how the original partnership on ‘The Heart Of The Sky’ has slowly evolved into the new Snoqualmie Falls project. Across the two tracks on ‘Red Fire Dark’, we’re presented a wonderful and deeply rewarding story, told through the presentation of the music itself. Haunting ambient instrumentals are partnered up with equally haunting vocal styles to create an incredibly interesting musical experience. There’s some wonderful creative ideas present on ‘Red Fire Dark’, which suggest some greater things to come from Snoqualmie Falls. The EP isn’t without its fault by no doubts. With only two tracks available on the EP, we’re only given the slightest taster into the style being offered by Snoqualmie Falls, and by the time we allow ourselves to delve deep into the instrumental style of the EP, it is suddenly snatched away as it ends before it truly begins. Perhaps though this is the intent of Snoqualmie Falls, who want their listener’s to want more, who will hopefully be rewarded with future material at some point in the future.

Snoqualmie Falls seem to have a good thing going for them. ‘Red Fire Dark’ comes across as a very creative and enjoyable EP experience, that exudes talent and creative ideas. The ambient style being presented by Snoqualmie Falls is incredibly interesting, with it branching out that little bit more than the average ambient musician or band. Snoqualmie Falls seem to be trying some (arguably) experimental ideas with the genre, playing around with it to the best of their strengths. It seems to have worked very well, with ‘Red Fire Dark’ being a wonderful offering into the capabilities of Snoqualmie Falls.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Red Fire Dark
  • Pearl

Snoqualmie Falls’ latest EP ‘Red Fire Dark’ is out now and can be purchased at: 

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