Memphis – Spymob

The latest album in many years by N.E.R.D. backing band Spymob offers a wonderful country-infused album titled ‘Memphis’. The album features a wonderful array of incredibly traditional-sounding yet highly enjoyable country tracks. There’s an incredible strain of fun and enjoyment that runs throughout ‘Memphis’, making a wonderfully exciting and enjoyable album to listen to. Spymob showcase a brilliant understanding of the American country genre, and tackle it brilliantly through their song-writing style that echoes everything that one would love about the genre.

‘Memphis’ is simply a fun and enjoyable album, that doesn’t fail to put a smile on your face after a long hard day. Each track on the album offers up a wonderful sense of having fun, which is incredibly easy to imagine the band doing during the recording of the album itself. Nearly everything seems to have been done just about right, showcasing Spymob as a band who have a great understanding of the genre, as well as enough creativity and talent to really make the genre work well for themselves. ‘Memphis’ comes across as a very well crafted album, featuring some brilliant ideas and some incredibly fun and exciting songs.

Most of ‘Memphis’ comes across as enjoyable, but it seems that as the album progresses, it starts to run a little bit thinner on creative ideas. Certain songs seem to sound a little bit too similar to previous ones, giving the album a slightly disappointing edge, as though Spymob didn’t have enough ideas to pan out a full-length album experience. It’s never enough to truly bring down the album, as the amount of fun and enjoyment being exuded by Spymob gives the album a wonderfully captivating edge. It’s just a bit of a shame that Spymob didn’t branch out their music to a greater degree on ‘Memphis’.

Overall, Spymob have managed to produce a very worthy album, that is very hard not to enjoy. Spymob inject a wonderful vein of fun and happiness into their music that easily captivates the listener, and brings them along the journey of fun that the album presents. The album easily showcases the wonderful amounts of talent that Spymob possess as a band, who show that they have a great understanding of the country genre, and what can be done with it to make enjoyable music. Hopefully Spymob will decide to do another album like this at some point in the future, and inject even more of that wonderful enjoyment and satisfaction that ‘Memphis’ presents.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Sometimes It Doesn’t Feel Right
  • Sweet Lovin’ High
  • Call Me In The Middle Of The Night
  • Shoveling Snow

Spymob’s latest album ‘Memphis’ is out now.

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