On The Banks Of The Arakawa – The Tokyo Isolation Chamber

The latest project by musician and composer Joseph Auer offers a wonderfully interesting ambient experience under the title of The Tokyo Isolation Chamber. The first album under the name, titled ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ offers up a wonderfully rich and beautiful ambient experience, featuring wonderful whirls and swirls of instrumental bliss. The Tokyo Isolation Chamber showcase a brilliant creative process through ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’, giving the album a wonderful presence as it progresses along the journey composed by the musicians.

‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ offers a journey into the bustling lifestyle of Japan at night, presented through the use of ambient instrumental styles. Musically similar to the works of Brian Eno, The Tokyo Isolation Chamber make use of electronic beats and percussion to guide the music along its journey. ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ wonderfully blends together in brilliant harmony the relaxing nature of ambient composition, with the excitement and character of electronica technique. Everything comes together brilliantly to create a wonderful story reminiscent of Tokyo bustling industry and society. Each track contributes wonderfully to the overall picture being composed and presented by The Tokyo Isolation Chamber, with the story coming through in an easily identifiable style.

Although ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ is a very enjoyable album, it is arguable perhaps that the odd experimental technique here and there creates a little disruption in the story of the album. The Tokyo Isolation Chamber opt for a number of experimental ideas, many of which work wonderfully in their individual tracks, but a few sadly don’t manage to match up as easily, and instead sound a little bit off and annoying. It’s commendable that The Tokyo Isolation Chamber have opted to branch out their music as much as they have, though it seems one or two ideas need that little bit more refinement to truly make it all a perfect exercise.

Although there’s one or two little moments that aren’t easily enjoyable, there’s still enough being presented on The Tokyo Isolation Chamber’s ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ to make it a very worthy album. Wonderful instrumental styles combine with an abundance of ideas and an incredibly clear thought of direction to create a very interesting album. Everything seems wonderfully balanced on the album, with it all contributing wonderfully to the overall story being presented by The Tokyo Isolation Chamber. It seems to be a very interesting project that Jospeh Auer has opted for, and one that we can only hope we see more of in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Disappearing World
  • Transfixed
  • Senkawa Night
  • Tethered

The Tokyo Isolation Chamber’s latest album ‘On The Banks Of The Arakawa’ is set for release on 10th March 2014 and can be streamed at: https://soundcloud.com/rednetic/on-the-banks-of-the-arakawa

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