Sjätte Vansinnet – Scraps Of Tape

Scraps Of Tape go for it all with their latest album effort ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’. Fusing together elements of punk-rock with the stylistic elements of post-rock music, Scraps Of Tape offer a very interesting and in many ways unique album experience (at least unique unto themselves as a band). ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ offers up an incredibly charged and energetic selection of songs that never seem to overdo itself at any point. At times, Scraps Of Tape might sound angry and aggressive, but it’s never to the point of intimidation, but rather an indulgence for the listener.

‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ comes across as a very enjoyable album, which features a great number of strengths from the band, and from what they’ve produced for their latest album release. ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ is a charged, pumped-up and energetic album that speeds through each track, whilst at the same time offering something to the listener. There’s a wonderful balance between getting the music to sound aggressive, without straying too much into the metal genres (although elements come in here and there). It’s highly enjoyable, and one that fans of the post-rock genre might find to be something they can get their teeth into, although the album doesn’t necessarily fall into this genre 100%.

If any criticism is to be found with Scraps Of Tape, it might be in how ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ seems to end as soon as it starts almost. The highly energetic nature of the album gives it an incredible pace as it runs through each track on the album. But then we find the album is coming to a close, and we’re left a little disappointed that Scraps Of Tape have left so soon, even though their album is of a good length. It’s also a little bit of a shame that Scraps Of Tape haven’t opted for vocals on more of the tracks. A few of the album’s weaker moments seem to be in one or two of the instrumental tracks, rather than the vocal tracks which form the highlights. Perhaps one or two more would help elevate the albums position somewhat.

Overall, Scraps Of Tape have produced a very worthy album that certainly demonstrates a great number of their strengths. The fusing of varying elements from varying genres has worked well for Scraps Of Tape as they’ve executed it in such fine form and with such effortless ease. ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ comes across as a very creative and well thought-out album effort that demonstrates everything the band can do when it comes to their creation of music. It’s certainly a strong album, and one that has worked well for Scraps Of Tape, who can be proud of their creation.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • We, The Lefthanded
  • Hands In Hands
  • Log Cabin
  • A Neverending

Scraps Of Tape’s latest album ‘Sjätte Vansinnet’ is set for release on 26th February 2014.

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