The Secret of the Sea – Bruno Bavota

Italian composer and musician Bruno Bavota offers up his latest and gorgeous album effort ‘The Secret of the Sea’. Featuring a wonderful array of beautiful relaxing tracks, Bavota conjures up a wonderful story mostly concerning nautical themes. The album utilizes the more classical approach of piano composition, and combines with new and more modern ideas and techniques, giving the album a wonderful fresh feel that offers beautiful and relaxing tracks. The whole album effort comes across very strongly, with the main focus in many of the tracks being the relaxing nature that many of the tracks express.

‘The Secret of the Sea’ seems for the most part to be a rather subtle yet highly enjoyable album experience. Many of the tracks feature stripped down instrumentals, often driven along by one particular instrument. There’s a nice diversity in what is being offered by Bavota though, who doesn’t just let the album be dominated by one particular instrument, but rather lets it open up with a wonderful array of sounds and textures. At time, wonderful little motifs come in to just bring more out of the music itself, giving a few of the tracks a more fleshed out appearance.

What seems to miss the mark on ‘The Secret of the Sea’ is how instrumentally a few of the songs fail to differ much, giving the album (at times) a little bit of a repetitive quality from time to time. Certain tracks seem to just read the same ground as some of the previous tracks on the album, working in the sense of a continuous story-line that branches each track together, but sadly not working in terms of just the sound being presented. It seems a little bit more variation here and there would truly elevate the album’s status just that little bit.

In the end, Bruno Bavota has produced what comes across as a very enjoyable album effort. Although a few moments seem to hit the mark somewhat, the overall effort of the album comes through in fine style, with the wonderful relaxing and creative nature of the album being presented in a highly enjoyable way. Although the album  showcases a few flaws here and there, the whole album still manages to work well, presenting enough positive traits to almost squash the negatives and ignore them as the album progresses. ‘The Secret of the Sea’ comes across as a lovely and relaxing album that certainly does manage to achieve what it set out to do.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Me And You
  • Hidden Lights Through Smoky Clouds
  • Northern Lights
  • The Secret Of The Sea

Bruno Bavota’s latest album ‘The Secret of the Sea’ is set for release on 21st April 2014.

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