Olio Su Tela – Antarte

Italian band Antarte offer their latest album experience titled ‘Olio Su Tela’. Offering up a very diverse musical experience that mixes up varying genres and styles, Antarte showcase a fresh and enjoyable style of music that incorporates many enjoyable elements and presents them all in one big and fairly accessible package. On ‘Olio Su Tela’, we see elements of post-rock stand alongside folk music, ambient music and even shoe-gazing music, all of which somehow manages to work fairly well for the most part, making ‘Olio Su Tela’ an enjoyable and incredibly diverse album experience.

Antarte seem to pull out all the stops for ‘Olio Su Tela’, never once missing a moment to showcase talent and creativity. With so many styles and genres being mixed up together, there’s the risk of the album itself sounding incredibly scattered and confusing. It seems that Antarte have dealt with this in such fine style, somehow making ‘Olio Su Tela’ a very strong album that flows with effortless ease. There’s a great number of enjoyable songs present on the album, with the many genres and styles all coming together to compliment each other. It’s a fine album effort that surely pushes Antarte’s creative abilities right to the edge.

As enjoyable as ‘Olio Su Tela’ is, with its many styles and ideas, it seems that not everything has been pulled off as smoothly as they might enjoy. The album suffers at times from a few moments or transitions that seem to break what Antarte is trying to express with their music. Although the range of styles compliment each other, it seems they transition into each other sometimes in a rather clumsy fashion, which seems to ruin the effect of the songs themselves. It seems a little bit of refinement here and there would greatly benefit Antarte’s music and surely help them achieve what they wanted to do.

Although ‘Olio Su Tela’ demonstrates a few clumsy errors, it still comes across as an enjoyable album experience. It’s one thing to throw in loads of genres and styles, but it takes a lot to really make it work. Even though there’s the odd hiccup here and there, the whole effort is good enough to make it an album that for the most part does work really well. Antarte surely demonstrate that they have a lot to offer when it comes to their music, and their creative ideas, which comes across on ‘Olio Su Tela’ in brilliant fashion. It will surely be wonderful to see what Antarte can do next.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • La Notte Delle Lucciole
  • Diecimila Parsec
  • Settembre
  • Controluce

Antarte’s latest album ‘Olio Su Tela’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://antarte.bandcamp.com/album/olio-su-tela 

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